L. Singleton -Space Barbie Come Back to Earth

What if I told you that this was not a doll, and  that this was a real person? What adjectives come to mind when you see this woman? Are they negative o4d25210e-e11b-4c4f-9d35-65a80ce895d4_barbiespacer positive? The woman in the photo is 30-year-old Valeria Lukyanova. She is an entertainer and also a model who has turned herself into a real life barbie.

Vice released an article with a video about her appearance, career, and spiritual journey. As you can see she has doll like features, especially in her face. Also she appears to have no waist. (As society would say.)

Lukyanova said “I use my looks to promote my spiritual ideas. No one will listen to a nun all covered up, but they will listen to someone who looks like me.”

This seems to be an absurd statement. Women already have to battle with the thought of “do I look good enough?” or “Do I have to do this in order to gain attention?”

This further proves that in the media sexualized beauty sales and it just s
o happens that SPACE BARBIE has jumped on that wagon.

Also while analyzing the video, there are several scenes where she is expressing that she loves herself, yet she also constantly talks about how she is going to further “perfect” how she looks.

One interesting thing that was noticed is that her sister stated that she does not like the media categorizing Lukyanova as a doll. She says this because it is normally associated with an unintelligent person, but Space Barbie thinks not.

Aside from space barbie, this proposing a serious question to women. In an effort to gain this unrealistic beauty, are you dehumanizing yourself?

Space Barbie please come back to Earth. “/



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