J.Ware;Barbie’s new body

Barbie no longer has the traditional look she once did when she debut in 1959. Barbie now comes in tall, petite and curvy body frames as well as seven different skin tones. The change comes because Barbie’s unrealistic look doesn’t match any girl that plays with her. A 2006 study, performed by the British show that Barbie has a low self esteem effect on young girls that played with her and a greater desire to be thin. Barbie’s look has slightly been changed recently, just last year Barbie’s ankles were movable which has allowed her to wear flat shoes.

I like that the doll has changed. Although the changes are not perfect, it allows for the young minds that are the main consumers of this product to see that no one is perfect, not even a doll. Barbie’s classic look has always held a unattainable look that young girl wanted to emulated. Thankfully due to the changes girls can now see different looks that Barbie will considered beautiful, without having to change.

Beauty is somewhat important to everyone, however when someone is young, the smallest pimple can be devastating to them. Barbie no longer being a one size fits all doll anymore could change the way children view themselves.



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