M. McCray: New Barbie New money

Barbie has been a toy icon for girls across the world for the past 57 years. While it may be left unsaid Barbie, a tall skinny blond haired Caucasian toy seems that it was targeted towards a specific audience.


Recently, Toy powerhouse Mattel unveiled their newest line of Barbie dolls. With a shocking twist they have stepped away from their “one size fits all” doll approach and have come out with an array of styles that fits every little girl’s fantasies. This move is more than simply making Barbie look different. While Barbie was at one time Mattel’s powerhouse image, deals have plummeted as of late as the doll has attempted to stay relevant to young ladies who don’t look like her and who play with toys other than dolls.  It is about drawing a wider demographic that had turned away from Barbie and went elsewhere.

All things considered, Mattel has discharged another line of Barbie’s with another look. The dolls now come in various skin tones, body shapes, and statures. Barbie is accessible with a stunning figure, showing wide hips and thicker legs. There is likewise a dull skin conditioned now, with enormous, wavy hair and a thin figure. Critics have been skeptical that dolls with new skin tones and body shapes won’t boost sales. Rival Barbie counterpart Bratz have been known to offer a variety of dolls in different skin tones which have driven a good portion of Barbie’s sales away.


In my opinion the new Barbie dolls has changed for the better. I comprehend that they rolled out the improvements since individuals were not purchasing the doll and cash was the motivating force, however despite everything I think it is a decent change. American media gives the world this picture white ladies are the most wonderful, and young ladies grow up with that mindset. Each young lady does not have fair hair and blue eyes, so to have a doll that a young lady can take a gander at and identify with physically is incredible. I like the way that the white Barbie has bends now, and the dark Barbie is tall and thin. It indicates individuals that not white young ladies are super thin, and not every single dark young lady are thick and breathtaking. Having distinctive representations of self-perception in a doll is imperative since every young lady ought to grow up realizing that regardless of what skin tone or body sort they have they are delightful. Despite the fact that I trust that it is a change that is long late, I bolster the new changes Mattel has made.





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