J:Ware: Hispanic Firsts

Women were the very last oppressed group to earn rights.  Since then women have worked their way from the bottom becoming doctors, lawyers, officers, serving in the service…ect.

One woman that defied the odds goes by the name Sonia Sotomayor. Her birthday is June 25, 1954 and she is from the Bronx borough of New York City. Her reason for wanting to become a judge is owed to the TV show Perry Mason. Some of her accomplishments are graduating from Princeton in 1976, earning summa cum laude the highest award given at Princeton to undergraduates. She passed the bar exam in 1980 and immediately got a job as an assistant district attorney. She is also the first Hispanic female to become Supreme Court Justice, she was nominated by President Obama during his first term. On her 43rd birthday she was nominated for U.S Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Needless to say this woman has worked hard to make a name for herself. Her hard work and due diligence has caught the attention of more than one president and she is still working hard every day.


Linda Chavez was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on June 17, 1947. She also was determined to excel in her schoolwork to beat the low expectations that some people had on her as a Hispanic female.

In 1995 she started the Center for Equal Opportunity which is a public policy organization that concentrates on three subjects: racial preferences, immigration and integration, and multicultural education.

Graciela Gil Olivarez was born on May 9, 1928 in Phoenix, but raised in Barcelona, Arizona. She had many careers, she worked in broadcasting, Women’s Program Director, worked with a foundation until entering Law school. She entered Law school after dropping out of high school at 15. Olivarez attended Notre Dame Law School in 1967 and after she graduated she worked for a community action program that helped federal food programs. She also became a professor and taught law at Albuquerque University Law School.

Besides the fact that these women are Hispanic, they overcame many odds. They had a dreams, in which they set goals, and surpassed them, greatly. These women have helped many and have shown young women, that it only take hard work and perseverance to achieve anything, any goal they may have. These women became the first in their field.


2 thoughts on “J:Ware: Hispanic Firsts

  1. All these women sound pretty amazing. I think it’s great that young women around the world have them to look up to. These women are proof that anyone can beat the odds and become great, powerful, and strong women.

  2. L. Singleton- do you think that Hispanic women have made a lot of progress in the media?

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