A.Bryant: Amdang Munan

Amdang Munan is a when from Thailand her parents had already picked her husband for her and she refused to marry who she was told and wanted the king to change the rule so women can choose their own husbands. As I was researching her there was no real information that was on her besides what she did for women in history.

Amdang Munan is still an important part of history even though there was little information about her, what she did changed the way women in Thailand find their husbands. Women will be able to actually love the person their with instead of learning to love who their made to be with. This moment in history was also a good thing because this is just adding more ways that women have voices in situations where they were voice less.

Finally, Amdang Munan is a great women to have in the timeline because she made a difference for all women no matter how little her accomplishment was, it was still significant especially since she also took it upon herself to go to the king and asked to have the law change. Amdang Munan is a women I would look up too because of her courage and she stuck to what she knew was right and fair for women.


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