M.Sykes-Betty Friedan



Friedan show in the front leading women in a protest.

By Melvina Sykes

Can you imagine hearing about how all women want to do is be homemakers and cater to their husband on a daily basis? That is exactly what Betty Friedan had gone through, and what eventually inspired her to write “The Feminine Mystique”.

Born on February 4th 1921 in Peoria Illinois, Friedan would go on to have many achievements throughout her lifetime. All of those achievements would have one common factor and that is helping empower women. After becoming a mother of two, and losing her job, Friedan became bored with playing the housewife. Taking a survey of other women to see how they felt about being a “homemaker” she realized that those young women didn’t like it any more than she did.

Being a journalist as well as having a psychology degree, Betty Friedan took all of her research she had taken on fellow women to create an article for a newspaper known as “The Problem That Has No Name”. However, she had so much information and passion about this topic, she extended it into the book The Feminine Mystique. Through the book she gave results from research she took, to help prove that women can hold careers, and take on just as much as men could. Friedan had the guts to say what many other women thought and became an important figure in change gender roles would receive over the next couple of years. She had a hand in fighting for the rights to abortion, co-founded the national organization for women, and was a founder of the national women’s political caucus which helps women who wish to hold political positions.

As women, I think we could all learn something from Betty Friedan, and that is to always let our voices be heard. If everyone just sits quietly, nothing will ever get changed. In a time where who knows, what could have happened to her for seeking to break the social norms, she took that chance. While we still have things to work on as a society as far as women’s rights, I believe we would have never gotten to this point if it weren’t for women like Betty Friedan.




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