Oooh They’re Mad


After Beyoncé’s SuperBowl performance of her new released song “Formation” people have been debating all over the world about it. The sinking of the car cop with Beyoncé on top is really the cause of debate. Apparently to police officers and those who support the Blue Lives Matter group, the song’s message degraded officers and caused officers to be murdered. Officers feel like they should be apologized from Beyonce if she plans on having protection at her tours, and to explain her intentions of the video, song, and performance. The message according to numerous of officers interviewed by CNN, that she’s sending an anti-cop message, a message to murder cops.

My issue is that one, a citizen of the United States, she has the right to freedom of speech, therefore, she can sing and speak freely on whatever she wants. Therefore, she doesn’t have to explain herself to the cops for tour protection. Two, if there weren’t so many African American people being killed by police then the song and performance wouldn’t have included that part. Oh and here’s a hint to reality, Beyoncé isn’t the only one to make a controversial song about police brutality. Three, your job (police officers) is to protect and serve, so if you protest to not protect Beyoncé at her tour, then the message may seem relevant and your opinion irrelevant.

I also do not like how CNN added degrading pictures of Beyoncé, rumors to be exact over the past three years. It’s like the old saying, when you know who you are they’ll try to destroy you. The song and video could have been a representation of Black History and a statement that we’re still here and will rise. A video of all that we’ve endured and what we love as a people, race.

Police call for boycott of Beyonce


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