T. Chandler: Muslim women denied service at French diner!


Two Muslim women in France were told to leave a diner by a man who was apparently the “Boss. “The man also proceeded to call them “Terrorists!” In his words, “Terrorists are Muslims, and all Muslims are terrorists!”

Outrage and anger poured in from an online video that went viral featuring two Muslim women who were discriminated against. As I read this article from  ( http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/08/france-restaurant-refuses-serve-muslim-women-160828175602787.html) I realized that there was a major stereotype in this article which  was that all Muslims are terrorists. The boss of the French diner clearly believes that all Muslims use violent antics and that they are a threat and are dangerous. This isn’t true and though we know that sayings and beliefs like that are only stereotypes, people still apply it to their lives. The man did not know the ladies’ religion, however he assumed based off of their headscarves. (Now after all, we did later discover that the ladies were indeed Muslim.) As the boss continued to yell nasty things at them such “Terrorists are Muslims, and all Muslims are terrorists. This sentence says it all, analyze it,” “People like you, I don’t want them here, you are imposing yourself here […] get out,” one of the women in the video told the boss that they would leave.

Later the French minister for families, children and women’s rights, Laurence Rossignol released a statement on twitter apologizing for the incident saying that they were going to launch an investigation. This incident received an large response from many people on social media. To see the incident click the link here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHhFqZSu5wI





B. Dodd: Ann Coulter Gets Burned

Ann Coulter gets burned the hardest at Comedy’s Central roast on Saturday night.  Actor Rob Lowe was the guest of honor but she was the target of the night.  There were jokes made about her appearance and political views.  There was even a joke made about how fun and wild she can be in the bed.  Many of the insults that were aimed towards Ann aren’t family-friendly.  Jeff Ross refers to her face as being able to make even doves cry.  He then goes to talk about her voice and how it’s similar to fingernails being scraped against a chalkboard.  One of the cast members proceeds to ask Ann, “If you are here, Ann, who is scaring the crows away from our crops?”  Even NFL quarterback made a remark.  He had a joke about her appearance referring to her as an athlete like himself .  He explained to the crowd how Ann won the Kentucky Derby earlier in the year.  The jokes don’t stop from here.  They only get more and more uncomfortable for Ann.  “She seems stiff and conservative, but Ann gets wild in the sheets,” says Roast Master David Spade.  He then proceeds to say, “I haven’t seen her laugh this hard since Trayvon Martin got shot.”  The British comedian really came down on Ann Coulter though.  He called her “repugnant”, “hateful”, and “hatched-faced.”  It seems as if Ann Coulter is expected to accept these insults simply because she’s at a roast and that is what happens.  You’re expected to have “tough-skin” and just brush off the remarks made by the guests and cast members.  Rob Lowe makes a comment about bring your A-game when you come to an event of this nature.  He explains that there are other places to do soft jokes and that this isn’t the place.



Shanetrice Leonard-Young Africans, Wrapped in Tradition

Ms. Choumali’s  is a portrait photographer, whom seeks to explore and address the social issues of history of African descents

Ms. Choumali’s article speaks on the importance of not losing her family history. Ms. Choumali’s quotes “For a long time, I felt guilty. I thought, I don’t speak the language, maybe I’m not that African.” I found this to be a very important stereotype. What does it mean to be not that African. A lot of African American woman are disconnected because of their lack of knowledge of not knowing their roots. Ms. Choumali informs us that she feels a disconnect from her grandmother because she do not speak the same language as her. Ms. Choumali  begins to be inspired from her experience of meeting her grandmother and decides to gather black models to model their grandmothers clothing. Her goal was to not let African families traditions fade away. In this article she has a positive sterotype on black women, in her photos she wanted to emphasize the  past and present and recognize cultural heritage. When people viewed her photos she wanted people to feel like they experience time travel. Ms. Choumali  has impacted so many lives with changing the view of African women in the media by her amazing photos. She asked the king of Grand Bassam if she could wear her great-grandmother’s outfit for a photo and she explains how the energy was special in that moment, she too emphathize with the family feeling as though they would also be apart of their culture and history. Ms. Choumali quotes in her article “Even if we don’t speak the language or don’t go to the village every day, we are still African,I think it’s time to redefine what being African is.” She definetly shares that through the media of her 30 subjects of African women photos changing  perception of black women who lacks the knowledge of knowing their culture,traditions, and heritage.


A.Green: Beyonce Surprises VMAs Viewers

Beyonce walks the red carpet bringing her daughter Blu Ivy. Fans are extremely excited about Beyonce taking the stage. Fans say that if this is anything like Her Performance in 2014, then it will be very memorable.

Beyonce stepping out on the red carpet with a show in store for her fans. She released her newest album “Lemonade” and it has swept the nation. Many women looks to her music as a anthem to make it through the many struggles in life. Beyconce is an icon to many women and young girls. She is the epitome of strength, courage, and confidence. Her music is a reflection of her love for music.

Fans are super excited for her performance simply, because this will be on of her first performance from her new album to be aired on televisions. Beyonce has been in the music industry since her early teens. Has definitely left her mark and a legacy for women all over.

As she makes her appearance, she is also nominated for 11 VMAs awards. Along with her she brought many of the women who took part in the make of the visual Lemonade album. They are Hitting headlines with her daughter and the lemonade squad. Many consider this lemonade idea as a women movement. Many women support Beyonce in her efforts to uplift women. Rumors day that Beyonce created this album based off of her husbands infidelity. If this is true, Beyonce has touched the souls of many women who are experiencing the issues that are presented in her album.

Many would say that Beyonce is at the peak of her career and is constantly working to better her music and her image as an artist. As she takes the stage tonight fans are anxiously awaiting for Beyonce the lemonade squad accept the well deserved awards.


T.Johnson: Associate Press Editor definds Clinton investigation but admits about tweet

Associated Press (AP) Executive Kathleen Carroll will be backing up her organization’s dispute about Hillary Clinton’s meetings she had while being Secretary of State. The issue at hand is everyone is trying to find out who did Hillary Clinton meet with? and Why did those people she met with contribute to her foundation.

First and foremost, they are painting a picture of AP Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll as a “bully”. Mrs. Carroll recently tweeted a post stating, “More than half those who met Clinton as Cabinet secretary gave money to Clinton Foundation.” It was meant to be a good and interesting thing that people should know about, it wasn’t suppose to be the end of the world. Of course everyone things that she was wrong for bashing a fellow Presidency candidate about allegations that’s been surfacing lately. She did say she didn’t think nothing was wrong with the tweet because if it was, she would have took it down. Every time a woman reporter is doing her job and she finds information that she believes is important information, she is stereotyped as drama-filled and a bully. Oh no ! She has said to much, Mrs.Clinton deserves an apology for what Mrs. Carroll has said about her, as if it is a lie. The woman was just doing her job.

Of course, right now Hillary Clinton has the media’s attention as of right now. The media has this way of making the stereotype of Clinton be this old woman who is knowledge about politics and she deserves the upmost respect no matter what dumb situations she has placed on herself. It’s almost as if, Clinton has her way with media because of her last name and who she is, but how dare anyone try and dig up more dirt on her to make her look bad.





C. Garrett: Women having problems in the Media?


 As women, we always feel like we have to represent ourselves in the Best way possible. Photo: Google Images

In the article it basically discusses how Men’s predominance in the field has a tendency to be most astounding in eminence or “hard” themes like governmental issues, wrongdoing, business, innovation and world undertakings; ladies set up better numbers in “delicate” subjects like instruction, way of life, society and well-being. The main question is, why women are more equivalent in a few segments of reporting than in others? Yes, there are women leading or co-leading some of these journalism start-ups.

Of course it seem as if women have a lot to prove in this world, especially being that people feel as if this a “Man Built” society. Liza Mundy goes into dept about how women are in the media industry and some things they have to do just feel “represented”. She did mention a few stereotypes throughout this article. “THEY were, to a man, men. All were white; all in their 40s or thereabouts; most had dark hair.”, said Mundy. She basically was describing the usual image of men who are working in the media. Individuals have diverse backgrounds in light of the qualities that make up who they are such as race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, age, riches, and more. But all convey distinctive things to the table notwithstanding ability and knowledge. Another stereotype, but more so an image I notice was when she stated that “Because the closer you get to money and power, the more the writers look like the people they are covering.” But One range I believe is under-talked about and maybe disregarded is the proceeded with part that systems administration and social associations play for achievement in many fields. Shockingly, these associations appear to even now be sex one-sided. While not experimental, it is not hard to think about any supper party and consider that at a few or most focuses, the ladies accumulate and talk and the men assemble and visit. I thoroughly consider this regularly plays in the work field as well, but how can women change it?

Linked Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/27/opinion/sunday/the-media-has-a-woman-problem.html?_r=0

J.Jewell: Insults Trump, Clinton Exchanged this week

Two Presidential candidates going back and forth about each other rather than how to solve issues at hand. it really seems like grade school drama going on between them with the amount of name calling going on. At one of Donald Trumps rally’s he goes on to call Hillary Clinton as a bigot.

In other words stating that she has intolerant feelings towards people who hold different opinions than hers. Continuing on, Clinton goes back at Trump on how his major support group are white nationalist that believe in him. Which is really contradicting himself because just cause Clinton doesn’t agree with what his beliefs are he calls her a bigot. All of them have their own opinions towards each other.

However, some will feel like Hillary is being to emotional about certain things because she is a woman. Which is a stereotype in itself. Basically saying women are in capable of having major roles of power over anything because they are to emotional and don’t know how to control it.

Then, in the article the continue to go on with the name calling and back & forth about irrelevant topics. Neither one of them are talking about issues across the world but in all trying to tear down each others image. Clinton goes on to upload a video on how the white hate groups are behind Trumps campaign.

Hillary Clinton is going against some stereotypes by showing that she can keep up with the men in her field. Also that she can go toe for toe with them as well. Hopefully, he emotions do not get the best of her and she becomes intimidated by Donald Trump. She is a major inspiration to other women, so if they see that she can do it, they will believe that they can too.