TJohnson: “Forget the Burkini ban: France’s Muslims have much bigger problems.”

CNN reported the issue at hand of women (Muslims) being banned from wearing Burkini’s which was created by an Australian woman who wanted to fix the issue at hand for Muslims or anyone whose religion banned them from showing their bodies off.

“To quote the French feminist Christine Delphy, in France today, “the dominant demand that the dominated … be like them. And if you don’t play along, well, then it’s only normal that you don’t have the right — among other things — to vote, (…) get a promotion, have a decent home, get a job suiting your qualifications.” It’s so mind boggling that France is able to make sure no one gets a good paying job, a nice home, or even just be able to live like a normal citizen if you don’t follow their rules or live like they want you to live.

Or even to sit on a beach. This summer France reached a new low, with some beach towns in the south of the country prohibiting women from covering themselves with head-to-toe swimsuits nicknamed “burkinis.” No dogs and no Muslims, the signs could have read.” What’s so crazy is, that France prohibited women from wearing what they want to beaches, they can’t be covered up especially from head to toe, but who do we know that dress that way? MUSLIM WOMEN. They tried to be discreet with their ban from wearing things from the beach but you right out called out Muslim Women without evening saying “Muslim Women.”
“Authorities cited security as the reason for harassing not just any women, but very specifically Muslim women, as if somehow their mere existence posed a serious threat to public order.” Then on top of the banning Muslim Women from beaches, you harass them in public. Definitely wasn’t discrete about that either but just made an excuse to cover their butts and say oh women period but most of those women were Muslim.

“To justify disrobing women on public beaches, the French prime minister Manuel Valls invoked the July attack in Nice — as if the latest security briefings were suggesting that Daesh, or ISIS, was using women in burkinis to launch attacks.” Then the French Prime Minister has the audacity to stereotype these women and say terrorist are using women dressed as such as targets to launch attacks. Come on man, can you get any more rude than that. I assume these women are jus trying to live a stress free life, and enjoy the beach like any other person would.

“In fact, it was the French authorities using burkinis as their latest excuse to harass Muslim citizens, drawing a dangerous line between some women’s choice of beach wear and terrorism.”

“this latest frenzy is simply the most recent manifestation of a constant stream of degrading treatment of France’s minorities.” For one, it isn’t simply just a minority, IT’S WOMEN who aren’t able to exercise their freedom to wear what they like to a beach, school, or any area of that sort without being harassed my cops in France but the journalist used the term “minorities” as if women doesn’t matter. It’s almost as if the word minorities sounds appealing to the audience. Minorities has no gender or real definition of the minorities is, but if you say women in replace of minorities then the sensitivity of the subject devalues itself.


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