B. Dodd: Burkini Bans

Yusra Metwally is a Sydney-based lawyer, policy adviser and community advocate who is passionate about human rights, community development and women’s rights.  Armed policemen surrounded a woman in a burkini, a full-body swimsuit often worn by Muslim women, and interrupting her seaside siesta.  France’s highest administrative court ruled that burkini bans being enforced on the country’s beaches are illegal and a violation of fundamental liberties.

In their ruling, three senior judges stated that,  “The ban has dealt a serious and clearly illegal blow to fundamental liberties such as the freedom of movement, freedom of conscience and personal liberty.”  While the ruling has suspended the anti-burkini law in Villeneuve-Loubet, several French mayors have reportedly maintained their bans.

Muslin women are being deliberately mistreated and stereotyped because of the fact that they’re wearing a burkini.  These women are being oppressed and subjected to find an alternative swimwear to wear in order to engage in public activities such as swimming or spending time at the beach.  This law is limiting Muslin women’s choice of clothing.  This is an extremely unfair treatment towards Muslim women.  The French government is taking away their rights and liberties.  The government is using this restriction to control the Muslim women of the country.






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