T Johnson: #Iammyownguardian



A woman makes a tweet on twitter stating her opinion on what’s happening in Saudia Arabia. [CNN]


Women in Saudi Arabia have guardians who makes the decisions for them . It doesn’t matter if it’s them traveling, studying to get a degree, etc. These women have created a hashtag to make everyone aware of the issue at hand. The women in this article has changed their names for safety precautions.

“A woman’s fate, regardless of her socioeconomic status, rests in the hands of her guardian, rendering adult women legal minors who cannot make decisions for themselves.” A major stereotype when it comes to women all over the world, we aren’t strong-minded enough to make decisions for ourselves so we need some form of guidance to lead us into the right decision when it comes to our life choices.

“Women are initially under the guardianship of their father, until they marry and guardianship transfers to the husband.” This almost dates back to biblical times, well that biblical standard that the man is at the top of the household and he makes the decisions for the well-being of the family, even if his choice is wrong or will hinder their family. And you don’t question his judgement.

“We are entrusted with raising the next generation but you can’t trust us with ourselves. It doesn’t make any sense.”- Rania ; I definitely agree with this statement, how can you trust with your carrying and raising your children, but when it comes to making decisions for ourselves, we become this dumb, helpless woman who isn’t smart enough to make good judgements.


“Filing a police complaint against a guardian can be difficult, and on some occasions when a woman went to file a complaint, police called or sent the women back to their guardians.

Guardians must also approve the issuing or renewal of passports, restricting a woman’s ability to travel.” This stereotype is giving women that, “oh.. You just want attention and you’re probably wanting to escape to somewhere else. We can’t help you, we are sending you back to your guardian and he can decide if you should be able to have a passport.”



Example: “Jana, a Saudi woman who spoke to CNN, was studying outside Saudi Arabia for several years. On a recent visit home her family informed her that she would not be allowed to leave to complete her studies.”


“Nobody takes you seriously unless you are male, legally. I can’t do anything no matter how old I am. So if my father doesn’t approve it, it’s not going to happen.” This stereotype applies today, woman aren’t taken serious when it comes to almost anything. If a male doesn’t accept it then what are you still trying to press the issue for.


“I gave up many of my dreams because I know for sure my father won’t approve them. And the system is on his side, so why fight him, right? One of them was being a horse rider and learning the piano. These are simple wishes for a girl living in the West, but in my culture these hobbies are provoking our conservative culture,” she said.” It’s plenty of girls that I went to school with, who were like this. They never wanted to pursue their life because their father’s wouldn’t approve. He already had their life planned out for them. We are almost considered ‘helpless’ no matter if you’re capable of making a great life for yourself.


Example: Myriam, another woman in Saudi Arabia who spoke to CNN, said she came from what was considered an “open-minded” family there. Myriam’s guardian, her father, allows her to go to college, and is privately supportive of a change in the country’s law. “My father thinks that [the guardianship system] is really a problem, he acknowledges that and he always tells me ‘If I did anything wrong, if I treated you wrong, just because you are a female, tell me so,’ she said. “He knows that the way that we live is not the right way “However, Myriam’s father doesn’t express his views openly because he fears backlash from others in the community.” In America it’s almost like this. Especially living in a small town where racism is REAL. When a white girl dates a black guy, even if the father approves and his daughter becomes pregnant by that guy. Her grandparents will not allow that. They don’t think a white woman and black man should even court in such way. Stay away from them. They will trap you and leave you with a mixed child to take care of by yourself. It’s that stereotype that black males are gang bangers, no good, don’t take care of his kids. Even if he has his life together and the dad loves him. The girl’s father and his to put on this front for his parents and dog the young black male out and act racist.


Example, another woman told CNN that her father felt pressured into not letting her study abroad. “My dad isn’t really very conservative himself but social pressures sometimes get the best of him,” she said.


Saudi Arabia has made limited attempts at reforms in women’s rights in recent years. Last year’s local elections were the first in the country’s history in which women were allowed to run as candidates and vote. Wow, America had the same issue on August 18, 1920 where just gained the right to vote and serve in political office.


“Saudi Arabia is lying to the world,” said Jana, one of the Saudi women who spoke to CNN. “Nothing is changing.” They only doing this to have the media outlets off their back as if they are treating women their right.




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