K. Winding: Woman dies of Cancer One Day before Wedding

25 year old woman Anna Swabey was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor January 2015. Swabey died peacefully early Friday one day before her wedding.  [USA Today]

This is a post of 25 year old Anna Swabey on her Facebook blog page.

This is a post of 25 year old Anna Swabey on her Facebook blog page. [USA Today]

If you notice that the picture chosen of Anna Swabey is a very attractive photo from her Facebook. The picture shows off a model type woman that has long blonde hair, a beautiful smile, and a nice slim shape. This picture will be the first thing to catches anyones eye. This is a good example of male gaze because even though Swabey was very sick the media is not going to put up a picture of her in a hospital bed looking to be at her worst. Instead they put up a picture of what people would prefer to see. Once you see the picture you will naturally read the caption to see why this attractive woman is in the news. After you read the caption you get sucked in to read the article because now you will feel sad for Anna Swabey and what she had to go through.

In the article it says that Swabey and her fiancé Andy Bell “They even managed to have a normal relationship.” Because Anna is sick and has had to endure 12 rounds of chemo therapy according to Us Weekly, and was not expected to live past 30. It was also expected that she was not gong to be able to have what the world calls a normal relationship. Sick woman are still people at the end of the day, and can still hold a conversation, love someone, and deserve romance.Swabey told Marie Clarie that Anna and her fiancé ” still bicker over who’s turn it is to wash the dishes…We just make up quickly.” But to the world they are aliens, and are not capable of doing what “normal” people do.




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