C.Garrett: Turkey’s Islamic Fashion Revolution

islamicfashion-web1-superjumboA 2014 show in Istanbul for Modanisa, an Islamic fashion house that has partnerships with brands in Dubai and Malaysia. CreditMonique Jaques


The models, tall and agile and strutting down the runway to the beat of Moroccan-themed house music, are from Russia and Eastern Europe. This is such a typical stereotype. Being that people automatically see models as being “tall” and “skinny”. When you think of models you right away think of those stereotypes.   They could show the most recent architect styles in Paris or New York, yet rather they are here, in Istanbul, wearing high heels, streaming tunics and bright head scarves. This is not the Islamic style of Riyadh or Kabul, nor is it the dim and dismal dress stereotyped in the West. Islamic style here is a vivid, imaginative and euphoric endeavor. It is additionally a colossal business. Istanbul has tried to end up an Islamic style capital, an aspiration that mirrors how much Turkish society has been reshaped under the Islamist legislature of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. One of the fashioners in the show was Loubna Sadoq, a Muslim lady in her 40s who lives in Amsterdam and started wearing a hijab a couple of years prior. Muslim style planners are basically attempting to answer a solitary inquiry: How can a lady be in vogue and consistent with her religion in the meantime? A portion of the garments showed at the show appeared to push customary limits: marginally perfectly sized tops, a little skin here, a diving neck area there. But of course some of those images are known to come with being a “model”. Which can be known as another stereotype. Different fashion styles that comes with modeling are already labeled to be seen in a certain way.



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