R. Beja Julie Walters doesn’t want surgery

Julie Walters ‘a Hollywood freak’ for not having plastic surgery

     In the current culture of movies and television, it is clear that there is a certain formula that is almost inherent to a film or television program’s success. That is the image of the ideal view of women and men together on screen. The male characters range from a variety of stereotypes and backgrounds but typically share many qualities with their female counterparts. In that they are in the sense generally young and have an athletic build. This is especially true when looking at film studios in other countries. The whole world is striving for what their culture views as the ideal man or woman. The fact of the matter is that it is impossible to continue to be the vision of the ideal because people age. The article sheds light into British actress Julie Walters, and her views on the cosmetic surgery industry that has largely taken over places like Hollywood in America as well as film studios overseas.

     Walters explains the pay scale for female actresses tends to peak around the age of thirty-four while male actors top off usually at the age of fifty-one. She explains that generally Hollywood does not have endearing or memorable roles for older female actors in general, which is why many women in Hollywood feel pressured into getting cosmetic surgery treatments. Walters believes that it is unnecessary, and while she does feel like she is unusual for not wanting to get surgery. She feels it is unnecessary and feels comfortable in her own skin. This article mostly asks the age old question, “What does it take to feel comfortable in your own skin?”

     The quest for the ideal image is on going and will never end because in all honesty, it is unattainable. People get older and the stars you grew up with in your youth are either aging out and getting replaced or it has already happened. It is a fact of life when you are dealing with a visual medium of art and entertainment. Actors and actresses tend to try and hold onto their image as long as possible because it is how they make a living. The sad fact is that actors in general who do not get some type of facial surgery to lessen the visible signs of aging then they will find themselves replaced and unless they diversify into production, clothing, ads, or anything like that they will become less and less prominent in society and in show business you are either what someone wants or you are not. There really is not a middle ground as mentioned in this article.

     This article showcases the problem that all actors face at some point during their career. That is time will age them out of work. Some actors choose to hold onto their crafted image, a few much like Julie Walters believes that if they are happy with the way they look, then society should accept them as well. This article is a good example of how young female actresses especially are objectified for their looks and only given work in some cases as long as they can maintain that image against a truly unbeatable foe, time.

For more information, please visit the BBC for the full article located here: http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-37350032


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