R.Beja: Media censorship demanded.

‘Cut her mic’ moment left me flabbergasted

In an interview with a former Republican Candidate for president, Ben Carson during the interview he was asked to take a personal stand in regards to if women who have come forward and accused Republican Nominee Donald Trump of sexual abuse if they were lying. In terms of news, this short interview showcases some of the stereotypes that women typically have to face when dealing with sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. There are many factors that seem to be in play besides the demand for censorship by Carson in the interview to get his point across. The main issue is that when given a direct yes or no question, Carson evaded the subject which is not something one should not typically do in a situation like this. The fact that he went a step further and asked for a journalist’s microphone to be turned off, is a request for censorship and is a violation of not only the first amendment, but the freedom of the press in general.

In fair opinion, this was a semi-loaded question due to the fact that if Carson said that the women were lying and yet had no evidence to support it, then he is painted not only as a Trump supporter, but an anti-feminist misogynist pig. If he said they were not lying and telling the truth, then he is going to be coming under fire for politically endorsing Trump as a candidate. So, the best way he could have handled this could have been to say something to the effect of, ‘It is important to take all claims of sexual abuse, assault, or harassment very seriously. The women who came forward will need to present evidence of alleged misconduct so that appropriate measures can be taken. If it is found that the women fail or cannot produce evidence, then what they are doing is basically slander and defamation of character. Both of which are serious in either regard, so steps will need to be taken so that this is handled with care and discretion to these victims as well as the person they are accusing.’ That is the only proper way to handle a loaded question like that, by showing both sides as important.

Instead, as mentioned in the article Carson demands censorship and says that the implications of the women do not matter in the slightest. This is the main problem, in the fact that Carson literally just became an embodiment of male dominance over females in society and the pervasive view of them as being weaker and therefore inferior to men. The problem is that the article makes this almost as if what Carson did was an attack on femininity and feminism as a whole. It was not, it was a demand for censorship against a journalist. Which is wrong, and Carson should have handled this better, but instead he let his emotions get the better of him. He then looked like someone who in the span of fifty-seven seconds committed political suicide.

For more information, please visit the BBC for the full article located here: http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-37661794


R. Beja: Real life ‘Bones’

The woman who digs the dirt to catch serial killers

Crime dramas in the media have become popular with shows like ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘CSI’, ‘NCIS’, and ‘Bones’. However, while there is a lot of Hollywood added to those shows they are based upon some facts in modern criminal forensic investigation. The reality is that the work that people like Professor Lorna Dawson and her team are doing is very different from the shows most people relate her work to. In the article Dawson explains the principles of geology, DNA, and scientific reasoning to the jury so that they will be able to understand the evidence presented. With the advances in modern technology the amount needed to test a soil sample for DNA is just six grands of sugar, which is extremely small.

With the increase of these technologies it is now possible to reopen cases long thought to have been unsolved and cold in terms of leads and clues. The world of forensics and criminal justice crime scene analysis is constantly evolving. The use of soil and principles of uniqueness of soil to certain regions or areas helps to locate bodies and find evidence that has remained undiscovered for decades. Dawson in the article, describes the procedure in which they analyze samples sent to them from Scottish police. It details that unlike the crime dramas most people see, a lab is sterile with the constant need to replaced used gloves and gowns to prevent contamination of the sample.

In the article, Dawson explains that her main purpose when testifying in court as well as any members of her team is to explain the science behind what they are doing in a way that is irrefutable. This article summed up is a feature of an extremely accomplished woman who is part of a team who use the scientific method not only to catch criminals, but to bring much needed closure to the victims’ families and loved ones. It is in that aspect that she is similar to a real life, “Bones”.

For the full article please visit the BBC website here: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-37561722

TJohnson: Kim Kardashian became a target in Paris


Kim Kardashian is one of social media’s biggest stars, she has 84 million followers on instagram and 48 million followers on twitter. She’s definitely an outlier when it comes to women making history.

What happened was, she was held at gunpoint after a group of men posed as police and robbed her early Monday at a private apartment.
Johanna Primevert, chief spokeswoman for the Paris police department, told CNN that Kardashian’s celeb status — as well as her millions of social media followers — made her easy pickings for thieves. They basically blamed her being her wealth and social media status on why she was robbed, when the blame should be on the security of Paris and her security guards, which were probably male. They will never let a woman feel safe in this world. It’s basically, If she would have never flashed her grill on instagram or let people know about her wealth, this would have never happen to her.
“It was really the celebrity who was targeted, with possessions that had been seen and noticed via social media, and it was these goods that the attackers targeted,” Primevert said.
Kardashian West was robbed of a phone and $10 million worth of jewelry. Only days beforehand she had shared a photo of herself wearing a massive diamond ring believed to be gift from her husband, rapper Kanye West.
Social media has been vitally important to Kardashian West’s brand. She is a prodigious poster on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and was posting much of what she was doing leading up to the robbery — including her whereabouts at Paris fashion shows. It’s been plenty of cases where celebrities tell their fans their exact location at a big event so she/he will be able to meet their fans, but now your blaming her flashing her jewelry that her husband bought her and telling her whereabouts at a public fashion show. Are you kidding me. They will go to great links to discredit women, like this is someone’s daughter, granddaughter, mother and sister. She didn’t know that flashing her accessories would have her robbed at gun point.

T. Chandler: Anti- government rally in Guinea kills hundreds! Years later the people seek justice!


Flag of Guinea (Image from Bing.com)

Tragedy struck Conakry, Guinea on September 28, 2009. One hundred fifty-six people were killed after West African soldiers rushed into the national stadium during a anti-government rally.

Many were affected by the gruesome killings of the soldiers, including the mother of thirty-three year old soldier Ali. Ali had just recently joined a pro-democracy rally that day. His mother Asmaou Diallo recalled to AlJazeera.com how she called her son many times, only to get no response. Now, seven years later a trial is scheduled with Asmaou leading and fighting for justice.

The results of rally were so gruesome the government tried to cover it up by barring access to morgues.

Not only were soldiers mercilessly killed but many woman were abused and raped during the rally. This only adding more anger and confusion to the people of Guinea.

Fueled from the anger, pain, and confusion was a woman named Diallo she was so angry after her son’s death. According to Aljazeera.com Diallo said “Nothing was going to stop me. If I had met Dadis  (one of the army captains)  at that time I would have tried to strangle him,” she says. “But finally I understood that was not the solution. I needed justice to be done.” Diallo then formed a group with survivors called “AVIPA” to collect evidence of the massacre. A true “Outlier” indeed! If the government discovered what she was doing she could have been arrested but did that stop her? NO!

This article showed Asmaou Diallo as a strong woman that was driven and ready to go against the odds in order to get justice for not only her son but for every victim of the massacre. With her willingness and strength, she and AVIPA were able to help the victims of rape and abuse get past the traumatizing events. All while being able to have 415 witness come forth to testify about the events of the rally.


Many people say that they have Diallo and AVIPA to thank for the “healing process” of Guinea. Diallo was shown as leader and determined!

The Other Trump – M. Washington

Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump is known as the “Jan Brady” of the Trumps. Tiffany, 22, has not been in limelight as much as her other sibling. Tiffany has been stereotyped as being the other Trump. “Tiffany, elegant in a navy sheath with lace décolletage, beamed up at the stage — for once distinctly visible to her father at the podium and to the world.” Since Tiffany is a young blonde woman, her good girl image is what Donald thinks she can help his campaign by targeting the millennals . Donald Trump’s team has been grooming her in all aspect from social media to standing behind her father during the final weeks of the campaign.


Even though Tiffany was not raised by her father, she does seem to be pretty much just like him. Tiffany went to her father’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania; likes fashion; very confident, very driven, always the hardest worker and not bashful about it, according to her older sister Ivanka. Tiffany, along with her other siblings, spoke about Donald being a mentor, and role model to them during the Republic National Convention.


Apparently, Tiffany, which she happens to be a blonde, is just like any 22 years old. On her social media, she posts her life, the good and bad, not really what the Trump’s would like. The media attention she received from the world was that she was not smart, and couldn’t be taken serious. Tiffany is just like the other siblings, smart but sketchy. Anyone who related to Donald Trump is sketchy.

R. Beja: Brexit confirmed for March

Brexit: Theresa May to trigger Article 50 by end of March

British Prime Minister Theresa May has finally confirmed that Great Britain will be leaving and cutting ties to the European Union. The article focuses on the process in which the country will leave the European union. It also gives some reasons as well as goals for prime minister May will be entering into formal negotiations with the European Union no later than the end of March in 2017. This is an article which focuses mostly on how effectively a female head of state can be able to handle issues of the nation. While not stated it is hard not to draw comparison between prime minister May and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the article May explains that she believes that an economically free and independent Great Britain is extremely possible but that they can be powerful players in the global market. She does this by an alliteration to history. When referring to the quote May gave about “We don’t need to punch above our weight because our weight is substantial enough.” There was a time in history where Great Britain was the world leader. That time ended with the destruction of the bulk of its merchant fleets by German U-Boats in World War I. The thing is that Great Britain still remains a world power due to its contributions in World War II. There is no denying that many British citizens would like to recapture a time when their economies were not tethered together to other nations, and they had control over their countries borders again.

A question one might ask when glancing at this article is, ‘Why can’t they just leave now?’ Well, that is mostly due to the fact that leaving the European Union is a long lengthy and cumbersome process. Britain is attempting to do so in a way that does not damage their economy but also their future trading partners. Prime minister May is also working hard to get laws passed and put in place so that once the exit goes into effect Great Britain will have control of not only its economy but its borders as well. In the article, Great Britain’s prime minister is written in a way that promotes confidence, tact, intelligence, and the enough knowledge of the political spectrum to know when to be firm and assertive and when to be kind, reserved, and diplomatic.

For more information, please visit the BBC for the full article located here:


C.Garrett: Female playwrights deliver Manchester’s global festival of childbirth

In 2010, the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon composed that consistently a large number of ladies and youngsters kick the bucket from preventable causes. “These are not minor measurements,” he said. “They are individuals with names and faces.” His comments were a piece of the motivation for Birth, a four-day celebration of “show and verbal confrontation” to be held one month from now at the Royal Exchange theater in Manchester. The writers, including Stacey Gregg, Mũmbi Kaigwa and Kirsten Greenidge, have inspected issues as far reaching as advanced maternity mediation (IVF, cesarean, Pitocin), populace control and the socio-financial aspects of birth in a portion of the world’s most thickly populated nations. She refers to insights that demonstrate the US is the most costly nation in which to conceive an offspring, yet it likewise has a portion of the most astounding maternal death rates in the created world; and that consistently 3,000 Kenyan ladies create fistula amid labor. One of the appointed writers, 24-year-old Swati Simha, has utilized her play to take a gander at the subject of mass disinfection in India. The work concentrates on a specialist frequented by her part in the nation’s populace control exertion, where ladies are regularly offered impetuses to be disinfected and specialists have focuses to reach in insanitary conditions.