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Now that President Obama term is up, Michelle Obama is faced with a decision to make. She has to choose to continue to be in the spotlight and in Americas eye or to kick up her feet and live the lifestyle she previously had before the White House. Michelle Obama was a first lady but she had her own voice in the media eye. During her term of being first lady she was a role model and now after the term she is still a role model to many women and people.
Michelle called herself “mom in chief”. She was not only a mother but she was a strong women. Her fuller voice was used to be an advocate to women and children. That voice was notice and brought many changes and awareness of the issues that she spoke on. The fuller voice that Michelle Obama is labeled as, labels her as strong, about business, and a serious women.


Mekia Fields- Final Farewell: Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama is the biggest topic in regards to women in the media. She has made such an huge impact on the world and has now officially departed ways from being our first lady  of the United States to now living a normal life. According to NewYork Times, Chimamanda Adichie, Mrs. Obama is the painted image of what women around the United States and the rest of the world should be. Although she was harshly criticized and stereotyped out for being herself. Michelle learn quickly that she had to be very sensitive with her use of words, even when it came to topics discussing President Obama as her husband. She was once criticized for making a (meant to be funny) comment that she made about her husbands morning breath. People viewed that as taking away from his masculinity. Although, everyone knew, even her stereotypers that Michelle was her husbands backbone. And she also sharpened the foundation that President Obama built. Michelle had been picked on from the time she walked into the white house to the time she left, but thats just apart of being the spotlight especially in the media, right? She was a strong woman, and so many times people tried to break her with their cruel comments on the way she looked, the way she dressed, and her speeches. However in Obama’s last speech she refused to hold back. She talked about begin black woman in this worlds, and she also spoke on the behalf of being a black man as well because people still don’t really hear the African American community. Because she did not hold back in her final speech, she left her audience emotional with her love and final farewell.

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( Photo by Lawrence Jackson, The White House)

Article: Which Michelle Obama Will We Get

Jan 20 was the day of a political shift of power. The White House and the American people said goodbye to the Obamas and are now witnessing Trump’s turn at presidential power. Not only did we say goodbye to our first African American family, but we also said goodbye to “mom in chief” of the White House.  During the eight years that Obama has been in office, Michelle Obama has been an advocate for women’s rights and education. She also played a role in the healthiness of children and attempting to destroying racial barriers for a better future. Now that Mrs. Obama is out of the White House many have questioned if she will continue reaching out and if she will do so with an unrestricted voice.

From the very beginning, there are several things to be seen in the picture shown the beginning of the article. Mrs. Obama’s posture is very straight up and her face shows no smile. From that, many can take away that she means business. Her dress is also sleeveless and that reveals the stereotype that she has confidence. Mrs. Obama is also wearing a pearl necklace and her hair is neat. It makes her look classy and elegant.

When we dig deeper in the article, there are various examples of Michelle Obama being described as different stereotypes.  Kantor uses words like powerful and woman to describe Mrs. Obama because of her way of speaking out and not holding in her opinion. Mrs. Obama also has a history of being a lawyer and her past experiences has helped her while in the White House.  She is also called observant and the stereotype is that woman are thought to be observers and tend to think before they speak.

Along with her “brainy dreamer” of a husband, the article describes Mrs. Obama’s voice as warm, skeptical, blunt, and funny. Describing her as warm relates to the stereotype that women are warm hearted and nurturing compared to males. She is also called funny and it makes her seem to be a happy, enjoyable “mom in chief.” However, the words blunt and skeptical give her a more aggressive description. Kantor allows readers to see both stereotypes of Mrs. Obama as a nurturing woman and as an aggressive leader.

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Mrs. Michelle Obama delivered an emotion filled last remark as the first lady message before her family’s departure of the White House. “Being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life”, Mrs. Obama exclaimed. “And I hope I’ve made you proud.” Rather Mrs. Obama was highly influenced by the FLOTUS stereotypes or not, many admired her constant calm and inspirational speeches.

That being said, Mrs. Obama states: “So to the young people here and the young people out there. Do not ever let anybody make you feel like you don’t matter or like you don’t have a place in American story because you do, and you have a right to be exactly who you are.” Her speech gave her audience a striking departure compared to other first ladies and former presidents’ final remarks.

“We’re almost at the end”, she included. Her audience observed her mournful facial appearance.

Mrs. Obama’s speech also demonstrated her mother role. Over the course of the 8 year term, she accomplished so much such as a higher education program, an anti-obesity program, and many more. Understanding the challenges of being first lady she acted in the highest degree. The former first lady did not take full credit, she acknowledged her help.

Reciting her 21 minute last remarks, she expressed more emotions while her audience struggled fighting back their tears. Mrs. Obama final words were, “Lead by example with hope, never fear’’. “And know that I will be with you, rooting for you and working to support you for the rest of my life.”

K. Stone; Will Michelle Obama become a new person?

On Jan. 2oth, the Obama’s had to hand over her home to now President Donald Trump who rose to power from public attacks. When President Obama became a nominee in the 2008 Democratic election, there is no doubt that Mrs. Obama had to change a few things to have a positive image in the public eye. The question is, how much of Michelle are we going to get?

There was already a challenge of being the first African American first lady but Mrs. Obama handled her duty well even from the many stereotypes placed upon her. The issues that Michelle took on such as childhood obesity, gave many Americans favor of the first lady. The stereotype is that it is not likely that a woman can heavily influence others through public service but the way Michelle made Americans feel at home, it wasn’t likely for her high influence.

Before Michelle took on the task of FLOTUS, she was a lawyer, advocate, and graduate from prestige schools such as Princeton and Harvard University. Mrs. Obama was known for her willingness to not be influenced by others and to fight for what is right.

Because of her past and her time as first lady, Michelle may still continue to inspire people and continue with public service.

The stereotype given is that women often step back and are behind their husbands without a voice. Michelle Obama was a political advocate that displayed a warm and strong personality, past and present. Many are concerend if we are going to get the the strong and warm Michelle or will Michelle be someone completely different but from her past, she never changed.

T.Clark: Michelle Obama’s True Voice


Michelle Obama Speaks at The Arts Center Fayetteville, NC Taken By: Executive Office of the President of the United States

The former FLOTUS, was not only known for holding the position as the First Lady, but many believe that she may have lost what she was once known as in her prime. Author Jodi Kantor labels Michelle Obama as a known Chicagoan that could drive home arguments when she was a prestigious  lawyer, while also making remarks on  how maybe Mrs. Obama was holding back from that blunt, bold, and swift persona that she was known for prior to her eight years as FLOTUS.

Author Jodi Kantor points out many changes seen over the eight years of Michelle Obama being the First Lady, and questions whether maybe this was all an act.  Giving examples of her career as a lawyer and how her once bold remarks and arguments  changed into her taking on important issues to combat such as pro-veteran, and child obesity while characterizing her as working brilliantly, protected, in which  Kantor believes elevated her.

In this article Michelle Obama was often referred to as not having a voice, being her husband’s shadow ,a woman that was quiet, calm, while having moments where she displayed what she was truly thinking. Kantor also made note that Mrs. Obama often spoke with her body as her voice.

This whole article questions on who Michelle Obama really is, and which side did America receive as First Lady: the woman who had no guard of voicing her opinion, the one who did not mind speaking up, or the one who spoke softly while tracing her steps.

D.Bond Michelle Obama after White house

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama will be departing with her husband from the white house. Many wonder “what Michelle they will get once she is gone. She left a mark on America with her “mom in chief” style, that the world loved. Showing her more playful side Michelle had hula hooping and hopscotching with children her mom mode. Michelle broke social media grounds with her shopping expedition with Ellen Degenerates showing her light joking, as the first African American first lady with republican attacks against her she handled herself as a lady throughout her term.