C.Johnson: The Quiet Tradegy Of Melania Trump


image by: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images


  Melania Trump has never really been adjusted to the role of campaign spouse. A woman who has spent most of her life living a semi-private life is constantly being put in front of the media  on multiple encounters, not only as being the First Lady but being married to man who is not only our new president but being married to man who has been accused of sexually assaulting other women.

  It’s no doubt Melania was hesitate when her husband was making the decision to run for presidency. Their lives would change drastically. Melania told Dujour Magazine and I quote “I said to him, you really need to think, because our family life will change. The three of us will change,” I know what it takes traveling and all that stuff.” Once Trump decided to run Melania made it clear that she would be a mom first. As a mother and wife  it’s always the woman’s job to take care of her home first making sure her kids and husband are being taking care of, A very known stereotype of being that housewife figure.  However it’s hard trying to keep that title and remain a good mother and wife when Melania Trump was always dragged in the campaign spotlight.Melania always appeared in the public eye as having  a quiet presence. She was clearly an introvert and had the desire to keep her personal politics private. However Melania couldn’t get out of the eye of the media even when she didn’t say much at all. It’s very stereotypical for women to always be thrown in the media and getting labels put on them whether it’s from their image or even their backgrounds.

   As being First Lady Melania Trump has to stand behind her husband Donald Trump. When her husband was heard talking about groping married women without their consent Melania stated “I hope people will accept his apology as I have.” Many women came forward allegedly accusing Donald Trump as sexually assaulting them. This definitely puts Melania in humiliation. Not only having to be a wife and mother but having to take the consequences by being put in front of media because of what her husband has done. As being First Lady Melania Trump could never actually get away from the media no matter what she does or where she goes the media will always have a look on her not only because she is now the First Lady but because she is also a woman. Though she may try to keep a semi-private life she wills always appear in the media and be labeled with different stereotypes because of who she is and her new lifestyle and image she must uphold.


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