ANewton Examining Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama will be leaving the place she’s called home for the past eight years, to a man who’s risen to power by surfacing lies and rumors about her husband and who will back track on all of the things Obama has implemented during his time in office. After Trump is sworn in the Obama’s will be carried away in a helicopter to a place where they can resume their new normal lives. This is where Michelle is brought to the deciding factor of whether or not she’ll continue raising her voice and standing up for what is right or falling into the basics of a normal life. There has been a Trump supporter who have made accusations about Mrs. Obama being a “male ape” and that she should not speak out on issues anymore or it will make things worst for her. Mrs. Obama has changed her whole demeanor while her husband served his term. While Michelle is in the limelight and highly favored by many she is also a target. Here she is after her husband’s term facing the decision of continuing what she started while being first lady, or falling back into a more laid back lifestyle.
Speaking in her fuller voice is a stereotype against women who’re outspoken and believe that their voice should be voice. A fuller voice is nothing more than what a normal voice should already be. Michelle is depicted as a strong, natural, and serious African American woman. Michelle being depicted against the American flag shows that she’s Obama’s other half, and back bone. She’s definitely taken on a role she didn’t sign up for and made it her life.


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