Marjoya E: 66th Southern Regional Press Institute

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(Photo by: Marjoya Ellidridge)

Last week the Southern Regional Press Institute took place in the Student Union on Savannah State University campus. This event is held for all Mass Communication majors to meet professionals in the field as well as being informed with important useful tips and information. The information that is gained from these events are for students to gain knowledege for their future.

The opening session consisted a panel of 3 men and 3 women sitting on a stage. There were plenty of women in the room most of them dressed in professional attire.  The speakers were also dressed neat and in business attire. There were a great amount of men who attended the event as well. Although some men just looked like they came because they were required to. I say this becaue their attention wasn’t focused on the speaker rather it was on their phones or their friends.

The main Speaker Michael Ottey spoke about his career and his life of being the first journalist in South America. His speach informed us what key things helped him be successful while ensuring that women are capabale of being successful also. The women who also spoke showed confidence and confort during their speach.

Their were many women who were consultants of the different events aswell as the leaders of the workshops. Women were very much present during this event.


J;Lockhart , SRPI “Being Consistant”

On Febuary 23rd and 24th , Mass Comm students at Savannah State University classes were canceled due to the Southern Regional Press Institute. At SRPI different successful people come and speak to the student giving things like words of encouragement , resume building and even the things that it took for the to get where they are today. Opening the ceremony we had Savannah States very own Kimberly Starks , a former tiger and Professor Sandra Earley. During the ceremony Ms . Starks received the Louis J. Corsetti  Award for Excellence in journalism. We also were able to hear form Michael Ottey , The first black Journalist in South America ! He gave us tips on becoming a great journalist and expressing the importance of being better than the competition and  how the road to success requires you to be consistent and will involve you remaking yourself.fullsizerender

J;Lockhart , Viola Davis “Not 1 ,2 But 3 “



Actress Viola Davis poses for a portrait during the Santa Barbara Film Festival in Santa Barbara, Calif. on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009.  (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)


Viola Davis became the first African American Woman to the Grammy’s, Emmy’s and Oscars by acting.

Viola Davis Accomplished something not many people are able to say that they have done . Ms Davis accomplishments has gained her entry into the “3 crown club”. This club is for the few actors on the big screen who have won a Oscars, Emmy and a Grammy award. There are only 23 people who have completed this accomplishment. Ms. Davis gives a speech of acceptance saying that ” There is one place that all the people with potential are gathered, the graveyard “after that opening remark of her speech everything else shows the thankfulness she has for being able to win such an award and accomplish this achievement

For a Woman to win all 3 awards she has to be a “standout” because woman, especially women of color have to work a little harder to become seen as competition. Ms. Davis did ust that and her hard work and achievements earned her a spot amongst a group of people not even 10 percent of actors in the business get to be apart of.

T. Clark: 66th Southern Regional Press Institute


Photo: Taylor Clark holding a Miss Jessie’s sign at the Southern Regional Press Institute

From  February  23rd through February 24th, the Southern Regional Press Institute 66th annual event was held for Mass Communications and Journalism students to help guide students in their journey to success. With a focus of “Crisis Communication: Ethics and Accuracy in a Digital World,” there were workshops set in place for students not just for Savannah State, but others were welcomed, as well as faculty. During the required session,  the opening session, freelance Journalist Michael Ottey spoke of the key things that helped him to his success as well as what it will and may take for the new millennium to succeed .

With this opening session there were also other key components that stuck out most. Attending this session were mainly females who’s questioned pertained to more of the emotional appeal of success, such as how did Mr. Ottey feel about certain situations, and mainly the male responses were more detailed in “how to’s,” such as “how did you accomplish this, how did you connect with people.”

There were also women of this opening session: Kimberly Starks and Sandra Earley, both women of journalism.  Kimberly Starks, former Savannah State University Tiger, is the  manager of Media Relations for Georgia Lottery. Starks  was awarded the Louis J. Corsetti Award for Excellence in journalism.

Both women showed different stereotypes of women. Starks didn’t say much but her posture and stance showed a lot. Sandra Earley, more at the end of her career showed humor and comfort with her position. Meanwhile giving her speech, she displayed the position of comfort for the guest. While they both represented different peaks of their careers they both represented success.

E.Hampton/Woman in charge @SRPI


Photo by Ericka Hampton

Savannah State University hosted it’s 66th Annual Southern Regional Press Institute for the various mass communication majors on February 23-24, 2017. The turnout was excellent. There were many students that attended from the local high schools to surrounding colleges. SRPI is for those wanting a career in the mass communication world. SRPI offer workshops that are conducted by professionals within the field.

The opening event of SRPI started on Thursday with appearances from Savannah State’s own JMC professors, Ms. Jessica Sparks and Ms. Sandra Early. Mr. Michael Ottey was also a guest speaker at the opening session. He shared his thoughts within the media world, since he have traveled the world.

Soon after the opening session, SRPI hosted numerous, nonstop workshops. In particular I attended, How P.R Pros Can Anticipate Crises at Their Own Organizations.  This workshop was mainly for individuals seeking careers within Public Relations. The director of this workshop was a female by the name of Ms. Kimberly Starks. Ms. Starks is an APR, manager, and works within media relations for The Georgia Lottery. This event wasn’t directed by your typical individual. Ms. Starks is an African American woman, who display bravery, determination, and overall womanhood. Beating the odds, this woman was in charge.

K.Stone; “Art is long, life short”


IMG_4196 (1).jpgThe Southern Regional Press Institute event was an event that most Mass Communications and Journalism student was required to attend. During the opening session, I learned that “art is long, life is short” from freelance Journalist Michael Ottey. This phrase means to follow your dreams and your heart while you can. The women of this opening session was Kimberly Starks and Sandra Earley, both women of journalism.  Kimberly Starks, former Savannah State University Tiger, manager of Media Relations for Georgia Lottery, was awarded the Louis J. Corsetti Award for Excellence in journalism. This show the power as woman she is. There stigmas and stereotypes of women in journalism that it is difficult for them to excel but Ms. Starks beats the odds. Sandra Earley, while giving her humorous speech, Ms. Earley entertained the crowd. She helped the presence in the early morning to be uplifted.

One of the workshops I attended was dominated by women. It was a workshop called Career Preparation led by Wanda Lloyd, Kimberly Starks, and Serena Garcia, all women in the media. During this session i learned how to prepare for an interview, Resume and portfolios, how to market myself, things I should and should not do. Each one of them held a high position and accomplished many things in their field.

The workshops I attended were mostly dominated by women which showed that women has the power to excel in journalism.

Precious Hinton: Southen Regional Press Institute Event


(Photo by: COMM 2107’s Precious Hinton)

This past week the Southern Regional Press Institute was held at our illustrious university. The event was filled with students who are mass communication majors in the region. We all came out and met with professionals and professors to get acquainted to plan a successful future.

The opening session in the ballroom included very uplifting and necessary speakers. The speakers informed us about great equal opportunities for both genders in the business world. However even though the event was not specially aimed for women there was a greater about of women in the room then men. One significant speaker was Mr. Michael Ottey. Mr. Ottey was the first black journalist in South America. He gave us tips on how to be successful in the journalism career field. Mr. Ottey explained to us that the way he became the journalist he is today is by staying curious. He told us to always “be strong and have thick skin”