E.Walker: Dressing Up


(Photo by Elizabeth Rooney)

Article link: Dress Like a Woman

Recently, a former Trump campaign worker made a statement about how President Trump thinks women should dress in the workplace.  Trump’s former worker stated, “The president wants the men who work for him to wear ties and the women to dress “appropriately”.”  Due to this statement, Trump has received backlash on social media. Women on twitter have created a hashtag called #DressLikeAWoman to express their unhappiness and what they think about the matter.  This hashtag has women from various careers show what they wear in their career field and it serves as an outlet for their frustrations against President Trump.

Rozina Sini gathered statements about how women backlash against Trump’s words from their social media account. Elizabeth Rooney is one of these women is a police officer. She believes that President Trump is acting “misogynistic” and “unpresidential”.   The phrase “dress like a woman” is a stereotype and is the main idea of the article. The stereotype is that women are expected to dress a certain way in the workforce. Their attire must include things like dresses and heels. They must also have jewelry and anything to make them look feminine.

Sini also stated in her article that President Trump’s former worker made comments about how women were to look “neat” and “orderly”. This contributed to the stereotype about how women are viewed. Women have always been presumed to look neat and not messy. They would be expected to look the opposite of men and were not the ones people would think played in the mud. The word “orderly” shows the stereotype that women would wear things neatly arranged and would have everything in place.

Sini also uses a certain word to describe the women and that is “inspirational”. The stereotype is that women who are considered inspirational are the ones always willing to break through barriers.  In the article, a woman in the Army was said to have posted a selfie in her military gear. This woman is considered to be the “inspirational woman” stereotype because of how she chooses to dress and what she does in her career.

According to Sini, it isn’t confirmed that Trump said these statements. However, Twitter is still mocking him.



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