C.Johnson: Betty White : “I am the luckiest old broad on two feet”


(Picture by: Brook Baldwin, CNN)

Article by: Jason Kurtz,CNN


Betty White reflects on all 78 years worth of being in the industry with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin. She talks about her experiences and what was thought of her as being an older woman who was in the business.

When interviewing with Baldwin ask Betty White if she remembered the first time she got a laugh , White stated that “It was out of character ,a little unfeminine to be … you shouldn’t be funny”,  as she reflected her early days in Hollywood. During this time comedy was left up to the male colleagues. Women were to just “come and be pretty”. However Betty thought is was more to get the laugh.

To the younger generation Betty White was known as the naïve simpleton character known as Rose Nylund , when she played on the show Golden Girls. The show was about situation comedy about old women. White referred to this time as the “ionic 1980s hit”. The show changed the way people thought of old women doing comedy and open doors for older women.

Betty has started in many comedy sitcoms including one that dedicates a part in ” groundbreaking women in comedy”. Her work has pave the way for modern females funny like Amy Schumer and Melissa McCarthy. She states that “Tina Fey may be the best” and giving credit to the other women in comedy saying ” they are craftsman, they know what works ,they know timing.” However to White time was of the essences  and she made it clear that she was “the luckiest old broad on two feet”. She says she is still able to work at her age and that she will go to her grave saying ” Can I come in and read that for tomorrow”?


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