J;Lockhart “The Real Michelle”

Michelle Obama was the first African American first Lady the white house has ever seen. With this responsibility comes great expectations.


In this article you can find the writer speaking Greatly of Michelle Obama in which opens the readers eyes into the standards that have to be met by her. Mrs. Obama is mention to have to even watch the facial expressions shown on her face as the new president took his place as POTUS. She has to watch the image that she portrays because there can easily be one but against her. Michelle Obama just like any other African American woman can be labeled as the “angry black woman” when that isn’t the case but it appeals to the people. The Article goes on to list her having to do thing such as having ” hugging marathons” . She would do this to be outside the typical stereotype.

Even in the image above that is used she is almost seen as serious or frowning , This is not a typical ” FLOTUS” pose it shows aggression . These are the type of things she must be aware of.


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