Earley — SRPI assignment

Rowdies —

You are required to attend the opening session of the Southern Regional Press Institute Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 9 a.m. in Ballrooms A&B of the Student Union.

Then write about women and the event.  And take a selfie to illustrate the blog and show me you were there.

Observe the scene and women in the scene.  Write about women and what you see among the speakers, the audience, the program in relation to women, etc. Write about the stereotypes you see.  You can voice an opinion in this one.

Here’s the kind of question you might ask and answer about, say, the main speaker is Michael Ottey who says he’s a “globe trotter who writes.”  If a woman does what he does, will the reaction to her work be the same as the audience reaction to a male (Ottey) or different?  Different how?  Different because of her gender?

Here’s another idea to write about — observe the scene: What gender are the workers manning the registration table, etc.  What gender are the leaders of the event and, looking at the program and the workshops mentioned, how many women and how many men are presenting workshops or are part of workshops?

The goal here is for you to observe the scene and women’s participation in the activities you are participating in and then the stereotypes that emerge.  Discuss what you observe in your blog post here.

Don’t forget the selfie, pls.


S. Earley






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