K.Stone; “Art is long, life short”


IMG_4196 (1).jpgThe Southern Regional Press Institute event was an event that most Mass Communications and Journalism student was required to attend. During the opening session, I learned that “art is long, life is short” from freelance Journalist Michael Ottey. This phrase means to follow your dreams and your heart while you can. The women of this opening session was Kimberly Starks and Sandra Earley, both women of journalism.  Kimberly Starks, former Savannah State University Tiger, manager of Media Relations for Georgia Lottery, was awarded the Louis J. Corsetti Award for Excellence in journalism. This show the power as woman she is. There stigmas and stereotypes of women in journalism that it is difficult for them to excel but Ms. Starks beats the odds. Sandra Earley, while giving her humorous speech, Ms. Earley entertained the crowd. She helped the presence in the early morning to be uplifted.

One of the workshops I attended was dominated by women. It was a workshop called Career Preparation led by Wanda Lloyd, Kimberly Starks, and Serena Garcia, all women in the media. During this session i learned how to prepare for an interview, Resume and portfolios, how to market myself, things I should and should not do. Each one of them held a high position and accomplished many things in their field.

The workshops I attended were mostly dominated by women which showed that women has the power to excel in journalism.


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