Marjoya E: 66th Southern Regional Press Institute

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(Photo by: Marjoya Ellidridge)

Last week the Southern Regional Press Institute took place in the Student Union on Savannah State University campus. This event is held for all Mass Communication majors to meet professionals in the field as well as being informed with important useful tips and information. The information that is gained from these events are for students to gain knowledege for their future.

The opening session consisted a panel of 3 men and 3 women sitting on a stage. There were plenty of women in the room most of them dressed in professional attire.  The speakers were also dressed neat and in business attire. There were a great amount of men who attended the event as well. Although some men just looked like they came because they were required to. I say this becaue their attention wasn’t focused on the speaker rather it was on their phones or their friends.

The main Speaker Michael Ottey spoke about his career and his life of being the first journalist in South America. His speach informed us what key things helped him be successful while ensuring that women are capabale of being successful also. The women who also spoke showed confidence and confort during their speach.

Their were many women who were consultants of the different events aswell as the leaders of the workshops. Women were very much present during this event.


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