S. Eccles

Having the role of being the first lady can be an interesting task. Michelle had to take on certain responsibilities that represented a good image for not only herself but President Obama as well.

Being the First Lady of the of Unites States, you have to uphold and a certain stature. You have to look a specific way and behave in a way that a first lady “should” behave. In this article the author talks about the negative and positive jobs Michelle will take on now that she will be stepping down from her title due to the expiration of Barak Obama’s presidency. The picture that is used portrays Michelle to be a typical angry black women, when everyone knows she was the total opposite during President Obama’s terms. She looks as if she no longer wants to keep the same reputation she had while she was the first lady. The author speaks very highly of Mrs. Obama and goes on about the various acts she has done for the country, but wonders if she will continue to act in the way that was good for her and her husband’s persona. The big question is, will she finally open up and show the world the real Michelle Obama, or continue to uphold this almost perfect perception, that the country has grown to respect and love?


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