J.Clarke Weinstein Rowdy behavior

Different scenarios same behavior. From a simple touch on the wrist to quick gesture to needing a message. Harvey Weinsteins rowdy behavior has caused him to be fired from his position. Typical in a situation Weinstein denied to even talk about the situation. Countless situations dating back to 1998 to 2014. From variations in a hotel room to a private residence. One of the victims who remained nameless talked about how she locked herself in the bathroom of Mr. Weinsteins hotel room cried and said “I’m to young for this”.

Each victim a beautiful Caucasian women with long hair eyes ranging from colors such as green, hazel, light brown, and black. Some of the ladies ran their personal non-profit organizations. Women only to be victimized and having to live with that for the rest of their life. Who is Georgina Chapman Weinsteins current wife they’ve been married since 2007. She stated it’s her choice to leave Weinstein behind and take her young infant child with her. There are plans for Weinstein to enter a treatment facility only to recover from what he has done wrong to all of those victims.


A. Manning: Weinstein Scandal


(Photo Credit: Vanity Fair article, used from Getty Images) (Al Jazeera did not have a picture)

Harvey Weinstein, , was accused of sexual misconduct, and subsequently fired from his position. He allegedly had sex with young starlets in exchange for a boosted career opportunities through his media company. Thirty eight women have come forward, and many others have made comments about his reputation.

My news organization, Al Jazeera, had a video and small article covering the story. The video shows Weinstein embracing women thought the video, but no indication of their names or relationship is given. This was the only thing that could lead to a negative view on women, because we don’t even know if these women are involved in the scandal. It could be a negative stereotype of a loose woman or “hoe”, maybe, placed upon these women unnecessarily. Other than that the video has no other negative stereotypes. But one positive one. Meryl Streep is named as an female authoritative figure and some B-roll of Barack Obama putting a medal around her neck is shown. This makes Streep appear to be a strong woman, along with her quote they included with her speaking out against Weinstein, and “abuse of authority.”


L.Hackworth | Really Dove ?

dove ad

An Dove add was recently released to the public. Now the content of the add was not bad but the visual off the add has offend African American women and people in general. Seen in the add , an African American woman has a dark brown shirt on , when the woman start taking off the shirt , the woman turns white. Showing an African American woman with dark skin and then the finished product is a white woman with lighter skin.

Now one of the stereotypes that African American woman deal with is that lighter skin is more appealing then darker skin. You will see these stereotypes on social media and on TV. Another stereotype is that some Darker skin complexion women do not like the color of their skin. This add is a perfect representation of that. You have a darker woman smiling while turning into a white woman. Almost exemplifying the darker woman would love for her skin to be lighter or even white. The last stereotype that I can take from this picture is that some white woman feel empowered. In the Dove add , the black woman changes into a white , showing that that being a white woman is better than being a black woman.

Ju.Johnson: Bathrobes, showers, massages, and alleged assaults



In both the New York Times story and Vice News story on Harvey Weinstein they used similar in describing his case as sexual harassment. In the Vice News article it talks about Weinstein and his sexual allegations. It talks about how his wife of ten years decided to file for divorce and take her two children with her. Also it talks about how the list of his accusers are growing. More women are coming forth with their stories that all seem to take place in a hotel with the same promise of a successful career in acting. He also gave these women a good amount of cash to keep quiet.

Some stereotypes that can be seen in this article are that women are fearless, these women have finally come forward in what Harvey Weinstein has been doing behind closed doors  over coming fears. Another stereotype that can be seen in this article is that women are weak, for years these women have been silenced by a man and his money.


K. Epps: Harvey Weinstein


CNN: Harvey Weinstein ousted by Movie Academy

Brian Lowry@blowryontv October 14, 2017: 4:58PM ET


CNN gives credit to New York Times for breaking the Harvey Weinstein “Sexual Harassment” accusations stating, “Since the New York Times first reported on sexual-harassment accusations against Weinstein last Thursday, dozens of women have come forward recounting their own experiences. The New Yorker published its own account, which included charges of rape by three women.”

In comparison to CNN’s headline for this story, New York Times headline “Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades,” was a little harsh. New York Times had no issue letting their readers know what was going on just by the headline. Whereas CNN’s headline for this story, is a little more soft. It makes you ask, “Well why was Weinstein ousted by Movie Academy?” You would have to read the article to find out, but not with NYT. They let you know whats going on exactly in their headline.

In the CNN story, they mention Weinstein’s remarks about the situation, “Through his representative, Weinstein has categorically denied that any non-consensual sex took place. He did express some contrition in a statement after the New York Times piece in which he apologized for past behavior that has “caused a lot of pain” and said he would take a leave of absence to “conquer my demons.””

The stereotypes of the women that accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment are, known as the “Accusers,” not “victims.”

In comparison to a few other news outlets, CNN was really one of the few that didn’t use a picture of Harvey Weinstein smiling. They used a picture of him looking guilty.




Y. Summerset: Weinstein’s Sex Scandal


Al Jazeera’s news coverage on Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual contact with multiple women, was very straight forward and to the point. The Coverage was done through video to say that Weinstein has officially been fired from the Weinstein company. Below the video Al Jazeera summarized the video by saying words such as “accused” and “allegations”, being very biased of the story. Unlike NYT’s coverage, Al Jazeera didn’t go much into detail about the accusers and what they had to say. In the video, they mentioned a little about the accusers and they only showed a video interview statement by only one of the accusers. The title of the coverage has a more safe word than the words displayed in the NYT title, Al Jazeera uses “scandal” instead of “sexual harassment”.   They started out by pointing out Weinstein’s fame and notoriety and how it was basically ruined in just a few days.  Because of Weinstein’s scandal, many companies are taking their policies on sexual harassment very serious. They also stated that this situation is giving women the confidence to speak out about their personal sexual abuse encounters. To this day, women are still speaking out about Harvey Weinstein which is encouraging other women around the world to also speak out about sexual abuse.

M. Kelly: Saudi Arabia

saudi woman

(Photo: Al Jazeera Article)

A law was passed that allows women in Saudi Arabia to drive cars. Previously, they had to be driven around by men in their families or their families had drivers, that cost them a lot of money. This is not only going to help them save more money, but also gain more independence and freedom, in a country where women don’t have too much of that.

My news source, Al Jazeera, is based in the Middle East, so it definitely covered the news. In the article I did not see any negative stereotypes used to describe women. The writer talked about women who have been working for the independence of women in their country. And also quote men in high positions who are in favor of the new law. They did a good job in being neutral.