Lewis: The taken of the Talmadge Bridge

An image of the Talmadge Bridge on River st. by: Greatruns

SAVANNAH, GA.- The H-shaped bridge, carrying highway 17 in and out Savannah known today as the Talmadge bridge is a structure that is hard to miss when roaming downtown Savannah. Named after the Government Eugene Talmadge, a former segregationist, the bridge is being tried, getting renamed. Something the people of Savannah been trying to accomplish for years due to the name and meaning being a lost cause now.

This year there can be a vote in a better name for the bridge according to the state lawmakers. This all may be done even faster with the help of the Girl Scouts and hundreds of them plan to make a difference. They are determined to celebrate the founder of their organization, Juliette Gordon Low. They say she “was really influential in changing the public’s opinion.”The scouts held a milk and cookies reception, held at the capitol for the Republican state representative of Savannah  to introduce his proposal for the renaming of the bridge. Hoping this will help their case stronger than their beliefs.

The girl scouts efforts advances the organizations goal, taking a chance into their hands. They believe strongly the bridge should be name after their founder, calling it “Juliette Gordon Low Bridge.”

According to New York Times, Natalie Deal’s a spokeswoman for the Georgia Department of Transportation, her board had the opportunity to change the name back in 1991. The girl scouts idea “Juliette Gordon Low” wasn’t the only name as an option. Apparently this is not the only time someone have tried taken charge in removing the name.

There are many other name options upon table for the bridge. The name being change is the only thing that matters to the people in Savannah, whom not caring what the name is changed to as long as the name now is removed.



Symister: #Saggy Boobs Matter

Chidera Eggerue, a British blogger and YouTuber, created the movement “#SaggyBoobsMatter to help normalize saggy breasts. Chidera Eggerue has been struggling with sagging breasts throughout her teenage years, and at 18 considered getting a breast lift to feel more comfortable with her body. This made her feel like, as she states, “a stranger in {her} own body.” By 19, she decided that she was done feeling like her breast had to mimic model’s on magazine covers and stopped wearing bras. Because of discrimination she faced for having saggy boobs throughout her life, she created the movement and posted pictures of her in outfits women without perky breasts were not supposed to wear. With every picture she posted, she supported her #SaggyBoobsMatter movement by captioning each picture with an inspirational quote or saying she felt confident in the clothing she chose to wear. She faced criticism for this, of course, as men and women flooded her social media accounts with hateful comments. One abusive event came from a famous Nigerian musician. This popular Afrobeats music producer, Don Jazzy, took a picture of Chidera Eggerue on her birthday from her Instagram to make a meme comparing women to battery percentages. Chidera Eggerue was placed as 1-25%, calling her undesirable for having saggy breast. While Don Jazzy later removed and apologized for the post, Chidera Eggerue still had to endure snide remarks from his 3 million followers. This further supported Eggerue’s drive to remove the criticism women faced for not having perky breasts.


Chidera Eggerue posing for her #SaggyBoobsMatter movement (Photo by Seyi Akinlade in the Sumflower Twitter)

BuzzFeed’s word choice were selected to make Chidera Eggerue come off as very confident. Stating that her pictures and captions are “defiant and inspirational.” They were very supportive of her movement and wanted to represent a Chidera Eggerue as a hero. BuzzFeed’s word choice about the scrutiny Eggerue faced also shows that they support her cause. Their diction towards the hateful opinions include: horrible, disparaging and particularly nasty. This shifted when referring to women, as they used the term: confused.

BuzzFeed chose two images that supports Chidera Eggerue cause. One image is of a student at Hinds Community College named Gemia Jones “. The word choice BuzzFeed used to introduce her addition to the movement is inspirational and celebrations, clearly aiding the positivity. They followed with a message stating how Chidera Eggerue helped her become more in tune with her body.

The photo selection BuzzFeed chose of Chidera Eggerue were all glamorous shots; hinting that even though she’s talking about being in tune with your natural body, women still have to be well dressed and presented to officially pull of this image. This creates a negative stigma for women who do not feel as if they are attractive enough for their opinion to matter.




Maya: Remember Holocaust

Lena Goldstein, a Sydney woman is a survivor of the Holocaust.  Picture By:  The Daily Telegraph Sydney Jewish Museum


Lena Goldstein 97, lived through one the most tragic times in history, the Holocaust. Lena tells her story according to The Daily Telegraph. She was born in Poland in 1919. When World War II began there wasn’t any fresh food for a month. The Germans opened a soup kitchen after occupying Warsaw. “excluding us from getting food” Lena says. The Germans said “Jews don’t have to eat.” Lena says that was the first sign of German persecution.

Food became scarce for jews. their ration of food was very small. People began to sick in health because of the lack of food and then families didn’t have money for funerals. When someone passed they were left behind and covered with newspapers. sneaking in food could even get a person killed by German guards.

besides people suffering from the lack of food, people were packed in tightly into enclosed ghettos, because of that, Typhus carried by body lice spread quickly killing hundreds of Jews. Lena says she’s lost both her parent and brothers, extended family, and boyfriend to the Holocaust. When she finally heard she was free she didn’t bother to cry because she had no one waiting for her.




T. Brown: #MeToo

Google Image: Biles is shown here in the middle of a competition.

Sources: http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/15/us/simone-biles-larry-nassar/index.html http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2018/01/15/gymnastics-star-simone-biles-says-larry-nasser-sexually-abused-her.htm.html

Earlier this month gymnastics star Simone Biles came forward saying that she, too, had been sexually abused by Larry Nassar. Along with her were more than 150 other victims who had already come forward. “I, too, am one of the many survivors that was sexually abused by Larry Nassar,” she said Monday afternoon in a Twitter post with the hashtag #MeToo. “There are many reasons that I have been reluctant to share my story, but I know now that it is not my fault.”

In CNN’s post these ladies were labeled “courageous” for coming forward about what had happened to them. Biles referred to Nassar behavior as “completely unacceptable, disgusting, and abusive.” Many would agree with her statement considering the circumstances. She continues on, calling her friends and other survivors brave, and each of their experiences “horrific.” The word choices used in the post gives the victims a sense of empowerment, all while posing Nassar as a terrible man. Not only in hopes of making him feel shameful, but also for readers to sympathize with the survivors. Also say that she too had came forward implies that she was late telling her story.



Fox News: Larry Nassar facing 40 to 125 years in prison.


In Fox News’ post they begin with a headline that states “Gymnastics star Simone Biles says Larry Nasser sexually abused her.” To me, the fact that they used the word “says” implies to and extent that maybe her story wasn’t believable or that they (Foxs’ News specifically) didn’t believe Simone Biles. In their post they used a photo of Nassar that makes him appear so be sad or guilty about his actions. Which in my opinion seems fit for a person having to listen to almost every victim’s statement on how his actions affected them significantly.



T. Clark: Melania Stuns Them All


Image: Melania Trump In Gorgeous Tiffany-blue Dress retrieved from Wikimedia.org


The woman who’s been labeled many things before the inauguration, stuns many with her wardrobe on Friday. The First Lady of the United States, the now FLOTUS, wore a custom American designer by Ralph Lauren. Attending the church service at St. John’s Episcopal Church across from the White House, the Tiffany-blue dress awed the crowd and left a classy taste in everyone’s mouth.

Melania Trump’s attire consisted of a dress that had a mock turtleneck, a cropped jacket (cashmere), a suede clutch, and she topped it off with her suede gloves and matching pumps. Lastly, she wore an updo that complimented her whole attire.

By Melanai carrying a new role, a stereotype that she will be held accountable for fulfilling  will come from her being First Lady. Often this role is classified as being the President’s right hand, after First Lady Obama greatly achieved this. The role that was once viewed as the husband’s shadow, now has higher expectations. The public ‘s view along the campaign of Trump has described Melania as quiet, a liar (due to her plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech), and a bit edgy or risky from  her  prior model career.

Throughout the three entire days filled with events, the now First Lady Melania has now been classified as mocking the trendy style of Jackie Kennedy. The mid-sixties style was splattered all over the once model’s style. Before her husband’s victory she was classified as everything but her now known title  as First Lady. The woman once viewed by her vulgar pictures, is now labeled as a fashion icon in many of the American’s eyes.

With Melanai Trump’s first fashion statement, this has shown Americans not only is she not just the typical First Lady by having her previous career as a model, but by showing she does not have the traditional family that many of the previous families have had. Her daughters Ivanka Trump and Tiffany Trump also followed by having on all white designer glamourous outfits. Let’s just say  that the Trump’s delivered what many thought could not be delivered .


R. Beja Myanmar child slavery

Myanmar ‘child slavery’ outrage sparks investigation

In countries like Burma and most of southeast asia human trafficking and slavery are very common practice, and in this article we will be discussing the themes and stereotypes portrayed by this story of two girls. The over all story for the article is that these two girls were sent away from their parent’s village to help earn money to help support the family. What ended up happening is that the girls were abused, mistreated, and beaten regularly. When the village and the parents finally went to the police for assistance they were turned away time and time again. The tone of the story paints a very dismal outlook for not only the girls in the article but the country as a whole.

It was not until a reporter became involved, Swe Win took the case to the national human rights commission and the United Nations started putting pressure on the local police to get involved and the girls were released, and their captors arrested. It just speaks volumes to how corruption, poor leadership, and a general sense of apathy is portrayed when the article deals with the government. It is sad that these girls were treated like they were by their captors.

Picture originally from AFP/Ye Aung Thuye Aung Thu obtained from BBC World

Picture originally from AFP/Ye Aung Thuye Aung Thu
obtained from BBC World

The girl in the photographs shows only her injuries. If you first look at her hands you can see the scars on her forearms most likely from a knife trying to cut her face and she covered herself with them. When you see her hands look at her fingers and how her fingers are gnarled and almost locked into place. That’s from multiple fractures to her fingers from being broken constantly most likely with a hammer because of the circular indentations in between her knuckles and forefingers. That young woman will probably never be able to use her hands again. Simple things such as even feeding herself, bathing, and even going to the bathroom will be a daily struggle for her. ‘What was her crime?’ One might ask in regards to seeing these photos. The answer is simply, ‘her cooking and cleaning,’ according to the article.

The fact of the matter is that even though the families were justified in asking for the captors to be brought up on charges, chances are that this is not the only story like this from Burma. It is rugged, rural third world, and the majority of its economy is based around the black market. Drugs, guns, human trafficking, and murder are a daily reality for countries like this. So while the journalist who fought to get the village help will get an award, and the girls are safe and healthy, the situation in the article appears to be hopeful. The reality however is extremely grim, and unless people continue to step forward and make waves like this it will not ever change. The easiest way to remember the tone that the pictures portray in contrast to the writing is best summarized by Edmund Burke, “Evil prevails when good men fail to act.”

For more information, please visit the BBC for the full article located here:


T. Chandler: All female crew attempts to break through naval blockade!


Picture from Aljazeera.com


An all- female crew in Barcelona, Spain leads two boats to the besieged Gaza Strip. The boats’ names are Zaytouna meaning “olive” and Amal meaning “hope.”

For the next few weeks the crew will travel across the Mediterranean Sea, prior to reaching the Gaza, where they will try to break through a naval blockade that has been set up by Israel for more than ten years! Wow, possibly making history! This challenge had been previously attempted by an all-male crew but unfortunately, it resulted in multiple tragedies caused by a storm.

How brave and commendable are these woman? This article shows that these woman want to make a change. A skipper named Habib states that “We are trying to provoke a reaction [through] a very positive and symbolic action in a peaceful way.” These woman wanted to feel liberated, and their actions show that. They displayed woman empowerment to show that women can do the same thing men can do  and be more selfless while doing so.

“The Palestinian woman has been participating in the cause for years just like men – if not more- but there is no recognition of her role,” an activist/ crew member by the name of Abu Bakra told Al Jazeera.

These woman were portrayed to be brave and courageous. They were not only standing up for their religion and people but for woman all over! They beat the stereotype that all women are suppose to do is sit and take care of home and the children. By going out on this journey that had ended so badly for men speaks volumes. And this article portrayed these women as “Strong,” “Independent,” and “Heroic.”

To check out more on this topic and to follow these amazing ladies on their journey visit this link: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/09/female-flotilla-aims-break-israeli-siege-gaza-160918084128799.html