Taking New York by the Hand

At Vanity Projects, Yayo adds a chrome finish to the nails of the jewelry designer Jules Kim.

Yayo, is concentrating on her clients nails while having her 8-inch-long nails.

New York nail stylist have taken over New York by making distinguish designs for their clients. The clients are all different and have a style of there own. In the article they discussed different nail artist and how they do they work to make sure the clients are very satisfied. Artist, Yayo, does nails at Vanity Projects in Manhattan. She works with long 8 inch “ super long bling bling nails”. Her nails are designed with diamonds encrusted on them. In the article they say, “The way we wear our nails, whether bare or bedazzled, can say a lot about individual style. Practicality and professional provisions are no longer limits to personal expression”. The idea of designing and doing nails have became elaborate easels. By the way Yayo does her own nails, she based her style on other clients. She is known for the long nails and being able to do encrusted designs. The “Queen of Bling”, Jenny Bui, is from the Bronx and is known for doing Cardi B nails and the stiletto shaped nails. She says, “Cheap nails aren’t good, and good nails aren’t cheap”, therefore she’s the kind of nail artist who gets paid big money for her work, since she’s known for doing celebrities and other people across the country. In the article, they talked many stereotypes but these stood out the most. Yayo is humble and doesn’t charge as much as Bui does for her work. While Bui has done celebrity nails and has bumped up her prices since her clientele. Nail artist from way up in the Bronx to Lower Manhattan, nail artists are helping clients distinguish themselves, and that what they’ve been doing and are doing a great job at what they are doing.


By:Jasmine McCrary


White House Communications Director Hope Hicks resigns

As a young, talented, vibrant woman like Ms. Hope Hicks it leads to questions as to why would she resigned  from her high profile  job at the White House. In September of 2017 she was given the permanent position  to become the White House Communications Director after serving an interim position of being the director of strategic communications as well as being President Trump’s most trusted advisers. From being a previous model without any  professional experience in politics she managed to rise to the top from her strong work ethic, background in public relations and well developed relations with President Trump.  Did I mention she was  one the youngest communications directors the White House has ever had. So with accomplishments like this why did she leave? According to The New York Times she stated ” “She told colleagues that she had accomplished what she felt she could with a job that made her one of the most powerful people in Washington, and that there would never be a perfect moment to leave.” Although just a day prior to her resigning she testified in front of the House of Intelligence Committee for almost 8 hours to discuss various topics relating to the 2016 Election and the interference the United States had with Russia. Few weeks ago news broke out about White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter’s alleged domestic violence with his wife. It was later revealed the Hicks and Porters had sexual affairs prior to this all happening. Hope Hicks did her job for country but the amount of intensity she experiencing at the moment  is more than what she ask for or even imagine. All these factors are possible reasons for her departure.  It’ s only a matter time before more staff members of the Trump Administration decide to leave to. Who’s next ? We shall see.



Erin Baker


T.Hamilton: Forced Removal of Hijabs on Muslim Women

On February 28, three Muslim women who were forced to remove their hijabs to take mug shots have reached a settlement with New York city. In an emailed response from the city’s law department it stated that “The resolution of these matters were in the best interest of all parties involved.” In the article it states two cases in which women were forced to remove their hijabs despite their objections. These women always gave an explanation as to why they could not remove their hijabs when asked to do so, but they were always ignored and even after they filed complaints nothing would ever get done unless it was taken to court. Although a settlement was reached this was not the first incident in which women who wear hijabs were discriminated against.

( Young women and children protesting-from NY times.com)

In the image above is a photograph of Muslim women and children who are protesting and showing that they have the right to wear their hijabs without being forced to take them off. In the picture there is a young girl who is in front holding what seems to be a pamphlet with a look of determination on her face. In the back there are two women who are holding a banner and one of the women looks to be in her mid forties. All of these women have stern looks on their faces and through the picture you can see that it does not matter what age they are, they came together to protest an injustice that they felt needed to be heard.

B. Spencer: Olympian Apologizes for Comments

                                 (Mirai Nagasu during a performance in the Olympics in 2018. From Bing Images)

United States Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagusa made some comments after one of her events during the 2018 winter Olympics. Nagusa performed very well in the Olympics and even landed a “triple axel.” She is the first American woman to land the move in the Olympics. She also said that she was just warming up for Dancing with the Stars. She said that and many Americans watching did not like what she said because it made her seem like she was better athlete than many of her other teammates. Not only that but she also said that she helped “save” the United Sates and was the main reason that the United States got a bronze medal.

She later apologized and said that she has cried tears of joy this week and also tears of sadness. She also goes on to say that she fells really bad about what she has said. She also said “we were all heroes that day and I apologize, especially to my teammates, for how it came off.” She is genuinely sorry, but the comments she made initially made her seem like a bad teammate and not grateful for the opportunity that she had.

Story: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/winter-olympics-2018/2018/02/25/mirai-nagasu-feels-really-really-awful-apologizes-controversial-comments/371433002/


Lesure: Mo’Nique Is Calling for a Netflix Boycott Over Equal Pay

Mo’Nique has gotten herself into a very public war of words with Netflix. Back in January, the comedian called for a boycott of the streaming giant, calling them out for both color and gender bias when she was offered $500,000 to film a comedy special. On Thursday, she appeared on The View to discuss her proposed boycott.

“When Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle received their offers, they were $20 million and they were very public about the offers. When Amy Schumer initially received her offer, it was $11 million. She went back to Netflix and said, ‘I shouldn’t get what the legends are getting, but because I’m a woman, I should get more.’ And Netflix agreed and they then gave her $2 million more,” Mo’Nique said on The View. (InStyle)


“As a black woman in Hollywood, initially you’re told, build up your résumé and that’s what will get the money. Then you build up your résumé, and then they’ll say, well you know what, we see the résumé but we’ll get them the next time. And you never meet your next time,” she said on The View.

Along with her Netflix boycott, Mo’Nique aired another grievance during the talk show. The actress brought up her time working on the 2009 film, Precious, for which she was paid $50,000, she says. She said that after completing her contractual obligations, she was asked to work for free by promoting the film overseas and refused. Mo’Nique alleges that she was punished by Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, and Oprah Winfrey for the incident, and it hurt her Hollywood career.

“So for eight years my family has suffered and my career has suffered because I would not allow those entities to bully me,” she said.

How long must women go through this fight to be payed as well as men for the same careers? This is a never ending cycle and women speak out they are punished by industries and all of sudden no one wants work with them.


D Johnson: Politician Receives Death Threats.

Italian politician Laura Boldrini is known as the President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy and previous spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is currently receiving threats that include rape and burn. According to Buzz feed News, people are even going the extra mile as to mock her using a sex doll. The reason behind Boldrini’s attack is because she fights against racism and sexism. Laura advocates for immigrants as well as woman, but citizens of Italy do not agree with her platform. She is currently living in a secret location while campaigning for reelection. Boldrini goes the extra mile to post the names of her harassers, however the harassment are now so common that it rarely makes the news.

Laura Boldrini in Parliament on Dec. 13, 2016.

Laura Boldrini in Parliament on Dec. 13, 2016.

Laura Boldrini does have a 24 year old daughter who she says is affected by the threats that have been sent to her mom. Although Boldrini is receiving all of this backlash for her advocacy for women and immigrants she is still running for reelection and is currently campaigning.

B. Baker ”Laura Boldrini”



Women as a whole has made steady strides towards equableness compared to fifty years ago. You probably wouldn’t see a female politician nor female coaching a mens basketball team. This article was written by three male editors for Buzzfeed which opens up bout a modern day hero in her country Laura Boldrini. She is not a household name neither a actor nor a model. Ms. Boldrini is the speaker of the Italian Parliament and is her country highest ranking women politician. In this article you will hear about her courageous acts and her strides towards women rights and to end women suffrage.




Laura Boldrini is the highest power ranking women official in The Italian Parliament. But she doesn’t near get the certain type of respect she earns. She has been threatened with rape, she has gotten a envelope with bullets inside them sent to her house, and she even got her male counterpart to compare her to a female sex inflatable doll. All because of her message to get women to be treated with fairness and equableness. Her journey through life has always had something to do with her promoting the equal rights of women. Around  Italy Ms. Boldrini is not  looked at as your everyday modern hero but more as a threat. People have spray painted her name next to the word death, and even catches daily threats on Facebook. Ms. Boldrini is now in her reflection process where she has to stay hidden and out of sight  for most of her campaign due to threats .

“I don’t feel uncomfortable because if I consider what I’ve done in my life, how many scary situations I had to pass through, how could I be scared?”

This quote was taken from Lauren Boldrini who from this statement exemplifies her passion towards her issue. She shows that even though she’s getting all this flack and criticism she still going to stand up for what she believe in and whatever the responses are she will deal with them. The stereotypes of the pictures show her as a powerful independent woman. The three pictures sho her at work doing what she does best and that is standing up for women.