M. Kelly Cam Newton’s Comments


(NY times article)

My news station didn’t have a story on the Cam Newton issue. I chose an article from The New York times. The story did not give the female reporter’s name in the first paragraph. Just referenced her as the female reporter. It talked more about Cam Newton’s football stats and accomplishments than anything else.  In the second paragraph her name and the newspaper was finally named. And at the end of the article, they brought up her racists tweets from years ago, and her apologies for them. I don’t think she was represented in a good light. Instead of focusing on the sexism issue, the writer was more focused on Cam, the man, and also Jordan Rodrigue’s tweets.


J. Geter: Weinstein’s Scandal Explained With a Twist

Vice News discussed a topic that has been circling in various news sites and stations for days now. Harvey Weinstein, a renowned filmmaker in Hollywood, has been accused of sexual harassment with dozens of cases. Weinstein ultimately lost his company named after him and has been blacklisted by mostly every company and person in Hollywood. Thirty women confessed to Weinstein assaulting or harassing them. Stars such as Rose McGowan, Heather Graham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie all came forward to discuss Weinstein’s less than professional approach towards them.

Vice News had a unique twist to covering the Weinstein scandal by putting the whole scandal in a timeline. It made the information more interesting to keep up with, and it brought a spin to just stating facts and quotes. Another unique aspect of the Vice News article of Weinstein’s scandal was that they named some of the accusers, big and smaller stars, and their statements on Weinstein. This shows that Vice News does not victimize Harvey but rather show the statements of women who claimed assault or harassment from the filmmaker. Also, this proves that Vice felt as if it was important to include the women’s statements to show the world on how Weinstein is with his female actresses. Along with the timeline, Vice News also explains all the endorsements, awards, and recognition that Harvey Weinstein is losing from the communities. The importance of this is showing that the actions that Weinstein did were wrong and that he is being punished for all of the accusations. The article even shared his soon to be ex wife’s, Georgina Chapman, opinion of the scandal. Again, this is showing that Weinstein is not seen as a victim but rather a criminal to Vice News. This article showed that the women’s point of view was highly important to readers and to Vice, and that Vice News does not show Weinstein in a jaded light but shows his true colors.



J;Floyd “In Harvey Weinstein saga, young lives forever altered”

Reported from the Atlanta Journalism Constitution, the story starts off by Katherine Kendall explaining who she thought Harvey Weinstein was. Katherine Kendall goes in by telling reporters, “He was so warm when I met him and so inviting. He made me feel he was going to take me under his wing,” Kendall, now 48, recalled in an interview with The Associated Press. “He literally said, ‘Welcome to the Miramax family.'” Katherine Kendall a young girl looking for her big break as a actress was let down, when Harvey Weinston began to harass her. Mr. Harvey suggested Kendall give him a massage that’s when things became awkward for her. Katherine Kendall wasn’t the only woman this has happened to, Weinston has preyed on many young, beautiful and vulnerable upcoming actresses such as, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.  The picture below shows Katherine Kendall posing with her dog Belladonna in Los Angeles on Friday, Oct. 13, 2017. Kendall told The New York Times that in 1993, when she was 23, she went to producer Harvey Weinstein’s New York apartment for a business meeting. When he returned from the bathroom, he was wearing a robe and asked for a massage. She refused. He later chased her around the room naked and asked to see her breasts. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

News Source: http://www.ajc.com/news/harvey-weinstein-saga-young-lives-forever-altered/q6aIkuwHRu2o2ySCFgNS7H/

Earley: Blog about Harvey Weinstein sex scandal

Hi, Rowdies —

It’s Saturday night and I forgot you and your assignment until just now (thanks to Jasmine Floyd for the reminder!).

But I see that some of you were paying attention in Wednesday’s class when I announced the subject for this weekend’s Rowdy blog.  Yay! to you!

OK here goes….

On October 5, the New York Times broke the investigative story that Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein over decades has quietly paid off a number of women to prevent their accusing him of sexual harrassment and unwanted sexual contact.

Here’s the URL so you can read the initial story:

Please read the NYT story and then go to your news outlet on Oct. 5 or the following several days and find out how it — or if it — covered the first story about the scandal.  Did your news outlet write about the subject? Does your news organization give the New York Times credit for breaking the story?

How does the NYT headline above compare with the headline on the story in your news outlet — are the words similarly careful?  “Sexual Harrassment” instead of “Sexual Abuse” or something harsher, for example?

Examine the first several paragraphs of your story — what are the stereotypes of Weinstein there?  What are the stereotypes of the women accusers?

Examine the pictures used with the two stories — how are they similar or different?  What are the stereotypes you can see, if any?

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE ALREADY BLOGGED FOR THE WEEKEND — CONGRATS! Double congrats if you blogged on something to do with the Weinstein story.  You need not re-blog (if that’s a word).

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A. Gallon: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers

ABC News wrote an article titled “Accusers share their stories of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged advances.” The article already starts off by give the victims a negative image to the audience. The article details all of the victims and their experience with Weinstein. Thirty-three women were named in the article and used exact quotes of the experience. The victims even included Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mira Sorvino. In the article, there is one picture of Weinstein at a premiere with a straight face. Picture does make him look almost evil for everything he has done in his past to these women in the industry.weinstein-gty-er-171010_4x3_992(Photo credit: ABC News)

A. Gallon: Fonda Speaks Out

Jane Fonda the film star, also a women’s right advocate, told CNN about she found out about Harvey Weinstein a year ago. She was never assaulted by Weinstein, but she said she is ashamed she never said anything when she heard about it last year. Fonda, who is now 79, explains the experience Rosanna Arquette had with Weinstein. Due to the fact that Fonda had never experienced that situation, she felt like it wasn’t her place to speak up for Arquette. Fonda being ashamed is a result of her not looking out for a fellow actress when she had the chance.171012122405-jane-fonda-1024x576(Fonda gets interviewed by CNN/ Photo credit: CNN)

S. Jeffrey: Harvey Weinstein to take ‘leave of absence’


description: English: Harvey Weinstein at the 2010 Time 100 Gala.
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Author David Shankbone

Director, Harvey Weinstein, apologizes for his sexual harassment behavior in the past for decades. Weinstein was accused of sexual misconduct with his employees for years.  It was reported that Weinstein temporary worker was threatened by him and she claimed that Weinstein made an unwanted advance at the hotel, saying he would kickstart her career if she would have sex with him. She declined to report the incident to human resources. One year later, another incident happened with him and a female assistant would tell others that a nude Weinstein had pressured her into giving him a massage. There are many different stereotypes of Weinstein. Weinstein is sneaky and deceitful for hiding such a awful past from everyone. Weinstein fans and supporters are probably disappointed at his choices he had made with his employee’s for years.