Women and Golf CaDarius Giles

First thing that comes to my mind when golf is mentioned is Tiger Woods, one of the all time greats not to mention he’s African American. I have never really took the liberty of taking on the sport myself but i have watched it a few times and played a few golf video games. On the other hand i have never heard of any women who play golf professionally. I know they exist but its not as popular as men’s golf. Through my research media portrays the the females in beauty more than in sport.AdrienneCass9Adrienne class is the co-founder of trendy golf and she speaks about women in golf. To be a woman in the golf industry can be difficult because, yes, it’s very male dominated. But I haven’t really had any issues with it. I kind of come in like a bull in a china shop and just get it done, so nobody really gives me a hard time.”

Pretty much she talks about the sport as being respected as long as you get the job done, even though its not as popular as the male sport.


Beauty Redefined Photoshop CaDarius Giles

183539_193230937374726_2645963_n Photoshopping has become and epidemic in the media. They cut and trim away at photos, men and women to obtain a false visualization to pitch to the audiences around the world. Not only does this “perfection” force people who support or look up to these people to make ridiculous alterations to their physical appearance. It takes a tole on a person’s mindset who feel that they cannot add up to the next person. Self confidence is at an all time low because our youth see’s these images of perfect people and things that they cannot live up to. To make it worse even health magazine alter there images, all of  these unhealthy practices have come to an end.

Susan B Anthony CaDarius Giles

Susan B Anthony was a persistent individual who was to determine bring about civil rights for blacks and women in society. Anthony was Great inspirational leader who stood up for what she believed in, she also founded the NWSA. She gave countless speeches and protested until she died.

Susan Anthony was arrested for voting in 1872 which in turn paved the way for womens right to vote, and equality for women rights. Anthony did not understand what was going on in the world, in her house men and women spoke equally. Before she died she told friend Anna Shaw, ” To think i have had more than 60 years of hard struggle for little liberty, and to die without it seems so cruel.”

In 1920 16 years after she died women were able to vote

Through her hard work and never give up spirit In 1920 16 years after she died women were able to vote, also her face was put on a coin.SBAnthony1

SRPI CaDarius Giles

Created by CaDarius Giles At SRPI i saw several stereotypes. Most of the functions seemed to be held by women and less men, which goes along with this independent woman epidemic. Not saying there is anything wrong with “Strong Independent” women but at a function like that should have a representative for males and females. Also if you take a look at the flyer i designed there are bright pinks and blues which associates with females, and also “Beauty” is associated with this event which is something that isn’t important to acknowledge i feel, it shouldn’t matter who is beautiful and who is not. This was an all women event hosted by a man.

Snow Girl CaDarius Giles

When I first looked at the image I thought, why is she white and dressed in all white representing Jamaica? Second was the headpiece that looked like something out of a church attached to a swim cap . I thought to myself, why does she look so plain? The escort looks very innocent and pure I suppose because of the all white costume, boots that come up past her knees, and how she has barely any skin showing. The escort is surrounded by black men which through my knowledge about the history of black people and stereotypes it made it seem like she was a supreme being and they followed her. Russian females are tall, have long hair, and strong features, everything depicted in the woman here.

Through my readings I realized that the ladies represented the Snegurochka or “snow girl” and that this was the reason for all the white. Then I reflected back to Snow White the Disney character who befriended seven dwarfs. In Russia the Snow Girl is a big deal and I suppose they were just giving respect to the country

60 minutes CaDarius Giles

Ambient for 20 years caused women to overdose because of the dosage given, also womens tolerance to prescription pills are lower than males. This video states that over 20 years ago when someone mentioned women’s health it usually meant what they call bikini medicine. Pregnancy ,Menstrual cycles, etc. It also states that when it came to the body parts that men and women share the test and focus was on predominantly male subjects. The male in the video says to the reporter  “You are me, with pesky hormones”. How can a hormone be pesky in one subject and not the other?

Even in research about human hearts, heart disease and heart attacks women were on the short of the stick. Scientist only studied male rat species to determine what work for heart diseases in men. It was not until later that scientist started using male and female species and recording the differences in the two. Male and female do have differences and require separate equal attention.

Justin Loggins: Women in Golf

It didn’t take Beverly Hanson long to realize that playing golf was more rewarding than writing about it.

The pay was better, too.

Equipped with a journalism degree from North Dakota, she went to work at The Fargo Forum for 50 cents an hour and was assigned to cover a men’s golf tournament. Her first byline was under the name “Ben Hanson” because the editor assumed the writer made a typo.

Then, she was playing golf in Florida that winter in 1944 when Hanson discovered lawn attendants were making more money.

“That’s how I decided to be a golfer,” Hanson told The Forum years later.

Hanson died April 12 in Twin Falls, Idaho, from complications of Alzheimer’s and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She was 89.

Louise Suggs twice finished runner-up to Hanson in major championships. She’s troubled that Hanson’s career has largely been overlooked, even in death.

“I’m surprised nobody picked up on the fact she passed away,” Suggs said Tuesday from her home in St. Augustine, Fla. “I knew Bev from the very beginning. We played amateur golf together. She was a clever person, always quick on the draw. She was a great addition to the tour.”

Hanson was a key link to the formative years of the LPGA Tour, even though she was not among its 13 founding members.

The year the LPGA was formed in 1950, Hanson won the U.S. Women’s Amateur at East Lake — Bobby Jones presented her the trophy — went 3-0 in the Curtis Cup and finished the year by beating Patty Berg in the Texas Women’s Open as an amateur.Image