J. Hannah: Women Empowerment


Mmanthatisi- (1784-1847) She was the South African Warrior Queen who had led the Tlokwa group of Sotho in South Africa and Lesotho during the mass migration in the early 19th century known as Difaqane. The daughter of a chief named Mothaha, she was born in the present-day Orange Free State, South Africa. Her original name at birth was “Monyalue”. She married the Tlokwa chief Mokojoto, who happened to be her cousin. She was given the name “Mmanthatisi” because she was the mother of a daughter named Nthatisi. After her husband died, Mmanthatisi held the position of regent for Sekonyela, who had became chief later. As the Zulu wars began to invade on Mmanthatisi’s territory, the Tlokwa tribe started to move west. There was an estimated of 35,000-40,00 Tlokwa. She led a successful attack on Zwide, who was the chief of the Ndwande and captured many of their cattle. She organized many of the Tlokwa military campaigns as they joined in the migration and raiding. She had clashed with many well-known leader such as Moshoeshoe and Hlubi chief, Motsholi. Although she had been given credit for leading her troop, it is also said that while she had planned the strategies, she didn’t lead her people in raids or attacks herself. It was very unusual for a woman to hold such a position and the way her attacks were set up and laid out, it had attracted a lot of attention throughout the region.


One thought on “J. Hannah: Women Empowerment

  1. M.McCray- very interesting i have head of this lady before but i have gained a little more knowledge because of you. it is great to see that there were great leaders in the military that were women.

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